Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 (USA)

The place for the Nintendo 64 Game Shark and Pro Action Replay codes! (some codes are official and others are unofficial)

final kaoss

Staff member
TopActivator 1 P1RobbD0069C8A 00??
TopActivator 2 P1RobbD0069C8B 00??
TopDual Activator P1RobbD1069C8A 00??
TopAlways On Lap ModifierRobb8106F676 00??
TopAlways Place FirstRobb8106F66E 0000
TopAnnouncer Volume Modifier (00-0A)Robb8007865B 00??
TopBike Rider's Number Modifier (01-63)Robb81075C92 00??
TopEngine Volume Modifier (00-0A)Robb80078677 00??
TopMusic Volume Modifier (00-0A)Robb80078667 00??
TopSound FX Volume Modifier (00-0A)Robb80078687 00??
TopStart On Lap ModifierRobbD006F677 0001
8106F676 00??
TopTrack ModifierRobb8107CC52 00??01 - Houston 02 - Tempe 03 - Seattle 04 - Indianapolis 05 - Atlanta 06 - Minneapolis 07 - St. Louis 08 - Dallas 09 - Glen Helen 0A - Motocross 338 0B - Steel City 0C - Washougal 0D - Spring Creek 0E - Red Bud 0F - Budds Creek 10 - Broome: Tioga
TopAlbertynRobb810711EE ????
TopDowdRobb810711EA ????
TopEarnhartRobb810711F6 ????
TopGroverRobb810711F2 ????
TopMcGrathRobb810711E6 ????
TopScottRobb81071202 ????
TopStenningRobb810711FE ????
TopThomRobb810711FA ????

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