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2005 was one of the worst years of my life.
After moving in with my Dad, I was forced to change schools. For me, that was extremely difficult as I'm EXTREMELY anti-social. It took me years to finally make friends, and I really only had two (I don't count friends of friends).

Shortly afterwards, my old house burned down. My grandmother called with the terrible news. All of my childhood toys, a few gaming systems that I had left, and my Godzilla collection went up in flames. She said she managed to grab one thing when running out of the house. We went over to check out the carnage that weekend, and she handed me my Dreamcast. (The only reason I had left it was because it stopped reading discs)

Upon hooking it up at my dad's house, it seemed to have started working again. That summer, I got a load of games from a kid that didn't play Dreamcast anymore. My brothers and I spent all summer playing them. Of course, that was ended by Hurricane Katrina. Everything else I had, other than what I had brought with me was destroyed. All that was left was my Game Boy, all my Pokemon games, and my comic books.

I tried save as much as I could, but the house was completely destroyed along with just about everything inside. I grabbed my beloved Dreamcast, and a completely destroyed Saturn that I never got the chance to play. Years later, some family came to visit for Easter and brought the system to me here in Houston.

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Through fire and flood.
It's STILL Thinking...
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