ISO Tool & CSO.File problem???


Hello i'm new to the CFW family,
i'm running a psp 1000 6.20 TN-D, i'm loving it, i was able add some gameboots & some nintendo & sega emulators etc etc, just love it!...

now heres my main problem, i recently added a ios loader app in my psp,
ya know? to play free ios & maybe cso games but... everytime
i added a cso file in my iso folder in my memory stick it doesn't show up in my XMB,

so i ended using iso tool (witch is also pretty good) to locate my cso file
in my iso folder, i program iso tool to put my cso in my XMB,
the game works fine & play & everything but why does it look like a plain
looking file in my XMB?, i'm new to this CFW thing, maybe i did something
wrong on iso tool?...
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