ISO - 80020321 error or freeze


Hi guys!

I'm trying to get an ISO game to work on a PSP1000.

It's a 3.40oe-a.

Some ISO games work fine.

Some don't. The game does not load and goes black screen after the PSP logo, or gives me the 80020321 error (which is basically the error that wants a UMD).

I already tried:

1. Recovery> enable NO-UMD mode
2. Recovery> disable NO-UMD mode + put in a random game UMD
3. Recovery> 3.40 Kernal and 1.50 Kernal
4. Recovery> disabling everything in advanced
5. Recovery> toggleUSB flash1+delete .se file
6. Smashing it against the wall

Every time I try one of the suggestions of how people "got over the problem," I either get the 80020321 error or black screen+freeze after the PSP game load screen.

I have no idea what else to try.
Would formatting flash1 make any sense?
Anyone had a similar problem?

Thank you very much if you can help me with this <3
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