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Abundance: Like the moon when full, to each there comes times of abundance -- a time when potentials are realized, goals are reached, and rewards are received. But, he/she is cognizant that every zenith is followed by decline. He/she enjoys and makes the most of this propitious time, and does not allow his/her perseverance to falter.

Light stone in the place of intuition: clarity and energy are requisite ingredients for the creation of abundance. He/she is conscious not only to insist on these qualities within himself/herself, but to seek out and join with others who also embody them.

Abundance: He/she manifests abundance through constant conscientious effort. His/her continued success depends upon his/her ability to remain strong, while maintaining a moderate, humble, and grateful attitude.

No light stones or dark stones: he/she is open and flexible, conscious to keep his/her mind clear and his/her integrity intact.

Accord: Because he/she is sincere and modest, accord can blossom in his/her presence. His/her faith in the power of light forms the foundation of his/her reality. This provides the opportunity to unite, in strength and without hesitation, with others of similar conviction.

Dark stone in the place of conscience: he/she is in close touch with his/her inner light, and is able to exhibit his/her wish for accord without compromising his/her principles. Firm, yet guileless, he/she finds good fortune.

Adversity: When adversity is unavoidable, he/she quietly submits to it. But, adversity brings opportunity as well as danger. Realizing this, he/she is neither weak nor arrogant, and vigilant for way to emerge strengthened.

Dark stone in the place of authority: because he/she does not force chance through conflict, he/she meets no resistance or antagonism. His/her accepting attitude dissolves adversity.

Beautiful Form: Beautiful form is an important and wonderful element of any good union, but it is not the essential thing. Therefore, he/she does not decide important issues by contemplating their surface appearance alone. Form without substance is empty.

Dark stone in the place of conscience: he/she renounces the apparent luxuries of beautiful form, and finds peace of mind in substance and simplicity.

Climax: Climax is a time when the transition to order has been completed and everything appears to be in equilibrium.

Dark stone in the place of wisdom: the climax has been reached, but it is wholly inappropriate for him/her to congratulate himself/herself. Instead, he/she modestly assumes his/her new responsibilities and continues on a path of righteous perseverance.

Confrontation: Negative energies now require confrontation. They would never have gained influence had they been confronted when they first emerged. But, now they are dangerous, and confrontation is necessary and unavoidable.

Light stone in the place of self: confrontation is performed gently, yet persistently. He/she is careful not to let the growing negativity spread or become apparent.

Correct Conduct: He/she encounters an excessive, obsessive obstruction, but keeps danger distant by engaging only in correct conduct. He/she never judges others by external appearance, and always behaves with polite good manners.

Light stone in the place of conscience: he/she has faith in his/her own abilities, yet chooses to keep his/her light within. He/she displays only correct conduct, confront of his/her ultimate success.

Danger: The time is fraught with danger. They way to escape unharmed is with a thoroughness in all that he/she does, courage, sincerity, and faith in his/her own essential good nature.

All stones dark and light: he/she depends upon clarity, integrity, and a dedication to what is right to overcome the danger.

Decay: Decay is caused by stagnant habits and traditions. But, that which was corrupted by rigidity and lack of awareness, can be made good again with conscious intent. After careful deliberation, he/she begins setting right what has been made wrong. And when the work is completed, he/she is careful to prevent a relapse.

Light stone in the place of wisdom: he/she breaks completely from the decay. He/she is his/her own master; he/she follows his/her own conscience.

Decline: Decline results in difficulty and creates the appearance that progress is not possible. He/she remains inwardly faithful to his/her principles, disengages from the situation at hand, and results all temptation. Thus, does he/she keep negative energy at a safe distance.

Dark stone in the place of self: he/she calmly bears the consequences of decline, neither falling prey to flattery, nor offering any. His/her enduring character eventually leads him/her successfully beyond the difficulties.

Dependence: Everyone must be able to rely upon something which perseveres. He/she first places his/her dependence upon his/her own integrity, and upon the strength and power of his/her own inner light. If he/she cannot depend upon himself/herself, how can he/she ever hope to count on others?

Light stone in the place of conscience: consistent dependence upon truth and moderation leads him/her to enduring peace.

Difficulty: He/she is confronted by difficulty which can't be overcome by frontal assault. He/she pauses in preparation for the task ahead, looking for guidance or joining forces with others of like mind. He/she needs the will to persevere just when it seems he/she must do something which could take him/her even further from his/her goal. The time of difficulty is very useful for developing character.

Dark stone in the place of self: frequently difficulty can be overcome by proceeding along the line of least resistance. But, in this case, because he/she serves a larger cause, he/she is obligated to confront it head on. It is not his/her fault.

Discipline: If discipline breaks down and emotions hold sway, the battle is all but lost. Knowing this, he/she maintains a faithful and steady heart, making certain that justice and generosity form the basis for all his/her actions. Such conduct wins the loyalty of others and keeps him/her blameless.

All stones dark and light: encountering others of like mind, he/she resonates to their energy. Even if placed in humble service, he/she fills his/her position with unselfish diligence. Thus, he/she finds the support he/she needs.

Disharmony: When people hold widely divergent points of view, the result is disharmony. At this time, he/she does not proceed brusquely, for that would only exacerbate the opposition. Instead, realizing that a time of disharmony can also contain the seeds of conciliation, he/she looks for small ways to encourage rapprochement.

No light stones or dark stones: in the midst of disharmony, he does not permit his/her alienation to contaminate his/her individuality and eventually finds his/her way out of the stalemate.

Doing Notdoing: Weakness in the face of danger grows unsettled and acts precipitately. Strength in the face of danger waits till a way out is revealed. Doing notdoing he/she keeps still, yet remains at full and active readiness until the right moment to take action arrives.

Light stone in the place of self: doubt and uncertainty prevail. But, he/she is not drawn into conflict or pressured into action. He/she retreats to doing notdoing, remaining calm and detached.

Faith: Faith fills him/her with confidence, harmony, and contentment. His/her inspired work attracts the help of others. It is not luck, but profound belief, which attracts good fortune to him/her.

Dark stone in the place of intuition: faith manifests quietly and deeply within him/her, but he/she makes no show of it.

Flowering: New awakenings, healthy growth, and harmony -- a time of flowering. Light is his/her guiding principle. He/she does not forget that good fortune is the result of positive thoughts and deeds.

Light stone in the place of ambition: he/she has no illusions that flowering is a permanent condition. Never presuming upon fate, he/she makes his/her inner nature so rich and reliable that he/she is at peace within any external circumstance.

Gain: Great sacrifice often leads to a time of gain. It is important to take advantage of this situation while it lasts. When he/she sees something he/she admires in others, he/she emulates it. When he/she perceives something negative in himself/herself, he/she purges it. In this way, his/her greatest gain comes in the form of increases depth of character.

Dark stone in the place of ambition: times gain can be so powerful that even unfortunate events have positive impact. His/her sincerity is so great that bad fortune does not touch him/her.

Gentle Wind: Like a gentle wind that blows ceaselessly, a clear penetrating mind can achieve great things. The challenge he/she now faces requires gradual and inconspicuous efforts consistently applied. This requires perseverance, subtlety, and clearly defined goals. This leads, not to a dramatic victory, but to an enduring one.

Light stone in the place of authority: carefully considering his/her actions and then proceeding with inner certainty and perseverance, will bring excellent results. His/her thoughtful, yet courageous attitude, leads to success.

Gradual Progress: Gradual progress means a time when events unfold naturally and deliberately. Hasty and precipitous action will not produce lasting results. Thus, he/she perseveres -- calm, flexible, and amenable -- patiently cultivating both his/her own character and the good will of others.

Dark stone in the place of conscience: during the course of gradual progress, he/she finds himself/herself in an inappropriate position. But, if he/she is yielding, and sensible enough to avoid danger, the difficulty will prove temporary.

Great Power: The experience of great power is a profound and subtle test of character. Careful not to plunge ahead blindly, he/she realizes that power is a great responsibility, and must be tempered with justice, integrity, and wisdom. The use of great power has pushed too far, and has led him/her into an impasse. But, he/she composes himself/herself, backs off, and allows the situation to resolve itself.

Harmony: When societies and groups of people work in harmony, peace and prosperity results. Each person must know his/her role and fulfill his/her duty. In such a milieu, when one speaks the truth and then acts in accordance with it, his/her words have influence, his/her actions have power.

Light stone in the place of authority: there is an atmosphere of great harmony because others respect him/her without fear. Such beneficent relationships can only result in good fortune.

Hidden Light: Hidden light -- storm clouds cover the skies and obscure the sun's illuminating rays. During adversity he/she is amenable and acquiescent. But, inwardly, he/she steadfastly maintains his/her light. With extreme caution he/she avoids unnecessary hostility from others and resists all efforts to force him/her from his/her path.

All stones dark and light: hidden light must not be discernible, for if he/she allows his/her ego to hold sway, the result will be strife and he/she will not prevail. He/she does his/her best to embrace a radically new perspective, and works quietly within the situation to improve it.

Impasse: When he/she reaches an impasse, he/she does not let it break his/her spirit. Only by being flexible and persevering can he/she overcome the difficulty. Though influence is temporarily denied him/her, he/she accepts his/her limited position with equanimity and remains true to himself/herself.

Light stone in the place of authority: in spite of good intentions, he/she has reached an impasse. Getting no help from others, he/she must have faith in his/her own spirit and power until matters take for the better.

Influence: Influence forms the foundation of all social relationships. True influence is not the covert coercion of deceit or seduction, but heart-felt, sincere communication. Therefore, he/she keeps his/her mind humble, free of ulterior motives, and receptive. In this way, not only may he/she influence others, but he/she is open to their positive influence on him/her

Light stone in the place of conscience: looks closely at his/her reasons for wishing to be of influence. If his/her heart is not in it, or his/her aims are selfish, others will see through his/her facade. This would be cause for remorse.

Inner Strength: In times of excess, when extraordinary measures are called for, inner strength is required in order to bring matters to a successful resolution. That means he/she stands firm on his/her principles, employs moderation, and avoids the use of force.

Light stone in the place ambition: inner strength alone will not enable him/her to overcome the difficulties. He/she does not force the issue.

Integrity: External conditions may very. But, personal integrity gives the power to flex in accordance with with external demands, and prevents the loss of direction and meaning. Integrity, when it is deeply ingrained, forms a firm foundation for a fulfilled life.

All stones dark and light: integrity deals with ego in others by withdrawing without anger. He/she forgives misdeeds, but is not so naive as to forget them. Despite his/her gentle nature, his/her integrity commands respect.

Joy: Joy is infectious and an inspiration for all who come in contact with it. But, it must be based on steadfastness if it is not to degenerate into uncontrolled glee. Within, he/she is honest and strong, outwardly he/she is yielding and gentle. In this way, he/she cultivates sincere, harmonious relationships, and creates an environment in which joy can manifest.

No light stones or dark stones: joy comes to fruition in an atmosphere of gentleness and good will toward others. Lasting success depends upon enduring relationships and a continued concern for his/her community of associates.

Limitation: Dependency upon others and subordinate position lead to a time of significant limitation. Realizing the transitory nature of the situation, he/she focuses on enduring values and gravitates toward those with whom affection is spontaneous. By being patient, tactful, and reserved, he/she avoids misfortune.

No light or dark stones: the situation is one of unrelenting limitation. He/she must start anew, or simply submit to that reality.

Loss: Loss is not necessarily a negative fate. During such times, he/she dispenses with pretense and draws upon inner resources for strength. He/she makes up for a lack of possessions with a strong, resilient, and sincere attitude.

Dark stone in the place of authority: his/her loss of self-centered concerns reflects an evolution of character. Such an unselfish attitude certainly leads to good fortune.

Modesty: He/she rids himself/herself of ostentation and, by allowing himself/herself to be led by higher goals, develops his/her character. Modesty and conscientiousness enable him/her to successfully fulfill the requirements of the present circumstance.

Dark stone in the place of conscience: he/she is neither servile nor submissive when in the service of others, nor does he/she look down upon those less able than he/she. True modesty, such as this, is respected and well-liked.

Morning Thunder: The flux and ambiguity present at the start of all new endeavors resembles a thunder storm just before daybreak -- the time of morning thunder. But he/she is not intimidated by the storm. He/she waits for the sun to rise and the skies to clear, then acts as needed -- with inspiration.

No light stones or dark stones: he/she cannot remove the obstacle holding him/her back. But, by redefining his/her priorities, he/she may transcend it and move on. If he/she can objectively reflect upon the time and discover the origin of his/her difficulties, the setback can be transformed into a period of profound learning.

Nurturing: He/she seeks to nourish himself/herself and those he/she loves, and to work on behalf of ideals he/she considers worthy. As long as nurturing is provided in the right way and for the right things, he/she prospers.

Light stone in the place of wisdom: many depend upon him/her for nurturing. He/she is constantly aware that this is a great responsibility.

The Offering: The offering is a time of fortification and sacrifice in preparation for a great task ahead. He/she accepts his/her fate with humility. If his/her intentions are pure, his/her goals are worthwhile, and his/her methods are just, the offering holds the potential for great achievement.

Light stone in the place of wisdom: the proper combination of strength and flexibility will bring him/her good fortune.

Passage: During passage, it is as if he/she were a stranger in foreign realms. He/she is not gruff or over-bearing, and does not put on airs. He/she is cautious, reserved, and obliging to others. He/she is careful to remain upright and steadfast, and conscious to associate only with good people. In this way, he/she remains free of blame and misfortune.

Dark stone in the place of intuition: in times of passage, it is important to steer clear of dubious people and not become involved in demeaning or trivial undertaking. The more humble his/her outward position, the more critical it is that he/she preserve his/her inner dignity.

The Path: Before he/she may lead others along the path, he/she must first learn to follow it himself/herself. He/she is loyal and fair to others, and true to himself/herself.

Light stone in the place of intuition: the path is changing. He/she needs to realign his/her goals and find new associates. He/she is open, but cautious.

Perseverance: Perseverance means having the heart to continue in the face of difficulties, and the integrity to not loose faith. Dedication forms the foundation of his/her life, perseverance -- physical, intellectual, and spiritual -- gives it meaning.

Dark stone in the place of wisdom: rushing around in a fog is counter productive and reveals a lack of faith in his/her own perseverance. He/she should keep still, calm down, and reestablish inner composure.

The Primal: The primal marks a time when strength, creativity, and spiritual power are on the rise. By aggressively and tirelessly working to improve his/her own character. He/she can make the most of this auspicious time.

Light stone in the place of self: with integrity, sincere speech, and caution, he/she holds negative energies at a distance. In so doing, he/she shapes his/her environment with little conscious effort.

Removing Obstacles: Energetically, he/she goes about the task of removing obstacles.

Dark stone in the place of authority: it is dangerous and fruitless to be shielded from the results of a poor attitude. So, he/she remains neutral and accepts the full administration of justice, realizing that that a firm commitment to good is a sound basis of unity.

Reserve: When confronted by negative energy, he/she wards it off with dignified reserve. Inner strength, coupled with grace and poise amidst difficulty, can transform potential defeat into a victory.

Dark stone in the place of conscience: he/she maintains his/her reserve without sacrificing friendship and good will. Others may feel a sense of loss due to his/her detachment, but that is not his/her concern.

Resonance: Encountering others of like mind and harmonious sentiment, he/she experiences resonance. Even when placed in humble service, he/she fulfills his/her obligations correctly and unselfishly. Thus, he/she finds the support he/she seeks.

Light stone in the place wisdom: though warmth and affection are lacing, he/she joins in without separate aims -- remaining in the world of illusion, but not of it.

Restraint: When circumstances limit his/her influence, he/she chooses to exercise restraint. Reserved and cautious, he/she moves gently to affect progress, and is satisfied with small victories.

All stones dark and light: it is not luck, but restraint which attracts good fortune to him/her. Faith fills him/her with confidence, harmony, and contentment. His/her inspired work attracts the help of others.

Seeing: Seeing requires clarity and vision. He/she looks for truth, for that which gives life meaning. He/she appreciates myriad forms of beauty, conscientiously performs his/her duty, and his/her generous of heart.

All stones dark and light: the experience of seeing can be a profound and subtle test of character. He/she does not plunge blindly ahead. He/she realizes that power is a great responsibility, and must be applied with justice integrity, and wisdom.

Self Control: Self control means setting reasonable limits and possessing sufficient discipline to adhere to them. To have an enduring and beneficent effect, self control should not be taken to extremes -- during times of prosperity, he/she is not excessive; during times of limitation, he/she is adequately prepared. This is the surest path to personal freedom.

Light stone in the place of intuition: at the beginning, he/she must exercise enough self control not to push matters too quickly or too far. Moderation is in order.

Sincerity: An unequivocal attitude of sincerity harmonizes him/her with the people and events around him/her, and fills him/her with an instinctive sense of certainty which manifest good fortune.

Dark stone in the place of ambition: he/she does not allow misfortune, even if it is apparently undeserved, to destroy his/her sincerity. Doing so would only attract further misfortune.

Small Footprints: Small footprints is a time when exceptional modesty, attention to detail, and willing acceptance of current circumstances is of utmost importance. He/she does not overact, does not exceed his/her authority, and takes no unnecessary risks. This does not mean, however, that he/she becomes servile or looses all initiative. Rather, small actions are called for now, ones which can add up to large achievements in time.

Dark stone in the place of self: the time of small footprints does not preclude attempting creative solutions. If, however, they do not lead to success, he/she does not insist on forcing matters to a conclusion. Extraordinary restraint is necessary in this circumstance.

Strife: When ego attaches to a point of view, the result is strife. Realizing everything is relative, he/she seeks either to embrace a radically different perspective, or to find an objective mediator. He/she prefers to work toward a resolution rather than attempting to prevail.

Light stone in the place of conscience: though he/she has sufficient power to prevail, engaging in strife will not get him/her what he/she most desires. Content simply to maintain his/her personal integrity, he/she attains inner peace.

Transition: Transition is the time before climax. The conditions are difficult and the responsibility is great. But, with caution and deliberation, there is promise of success. During the final stages of an undertaking, he/she must resist the temptation to rush boldly through to completion. Maintaining perseverance and using discrimination assures that his/her efforts will not have been in vain.

All stones dark and light: the transition to order has been completed and everything is in equilibrium. Precisely at this time, he/she redoubles his/her caution, for complacency can allow the carefully wrought balance to come tumbling down. He/she pays close heed to details, for the victory has been won, but the ideal is still to be achieved.

Trauma: The sudden force of an unexpected turn of events can induce trauma. Though, shock and surprise cause fear to surface, it is this very fear which can spur him/her to take appropriate action. He/she does not panic. Times of trauma require poise and test faith. But, they hone them too, and serve to fortify him/her for the future.

Dark stone in the place of ambition: he/she responds to trauma with composure. He/she searches for the proper course of action with a clear mind. Such poise enable him/her to move beyond the danger.

True Nature: True nature adapts naturally and appropriately as the seasons unfold. By emulating true nature, he/she allows the possibility of his/her unrealized potential to fully manifest. Guided by the moment, advancing and retreating with a willing spirit, he/she follows a path of nonresistance.

Dark stone in the place of self: he/she is modest, correct, and without artifice. His/her true nature is self-evident and all goes well.

Union: Union indicates a time when people gather together to further joint undertakings. Union requires a spiritual and moral bond among group members, and leaders who embody those ideals. It is a time when much cam be achieved. But, just as much is at stake. For this reason, he/she is careful to avoid incorrect use of power, and prepared for the unexpected.

All stones dark and light: the power of union is nurtured by his/her commitment to following an uplifting, light-giving path. By keeping his/her mind neutral and undisturbed, he/she fully realizes the great potential of this time.

The Unknowing: Allowing that one can never really experience the grace of the unknowing. Absorbing the lessons of the moment with gratitude, he/she permits the fullness of discovery to penetrate his/her ego shell. Modestly, he/she allows life to be his/her teacher. Humbly, he/she shares what he/she learns with others.

Light stone in the place of self: having learned the difficulty of correcting one's own weaknesses, he/she is capable of forgiving the mistakes and weaknesses of others. Firm yet flexible -- he/she exhibits the attributes of a true leader.

The Way Opens: The way opens and it is now possible to make significant progress. He/she is especially concerned that his/her goals be worthy and meaningful, and that his/her widening influence be a positive one. His/her clarity of vision encourages others to lend him/her their support.

Dark stone in the place of intuition: they way opens, but he/she is still uncertain where is leads. Maintaining faith is paramount. Calm and cheerful regardless of what others may say, he/she simply continues doing what is right. | [Sent by Syndish]
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