Is there some kind of alternative to buying dreamcast games?

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Hi every one, i know this question has probably been posted a million times, but i would like to know if there is some kind of alternative to buying the original GD roms for the dreamcast? im only asking because of the expensive prices of the more popular games, ex: skies of arcadia, power stone 2 MVC2 etc. because of these prices ive taken the advice of "CD AGES" and have imported a couple of games (so far only one) but even the imports are pretty expensive. yes i know all about burning the games to a CD-R disk, but is burning games the only alternative? (with out spending a fortune) btw i don't feel bad one bit playing burned games, (im used to it at this point) ive just heard that it lower the life span for your dream cast. SO! if any one can please give me some insight on what i should do, whether that be to hope i find a deal of a life time, or sail the seven seas. (if yah know what i mean ;D)
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