Is there any way to emulate the memory stick?


I have two memory sticks, a 2 gb and 4 gb. I let my friend borrow one so he could use the 6.35 pro and i havent had a chance to get it back but I still want to play ad hoc games with my psp slim and my brothers pspphat. The problem, as you may be aware is that almost no games noawadays have the game sharing feature. I want to play a game that is on my memory stick on ad hoc mode with his even though he doesn't have the game. I was able to swap out the memory stick several times to play ace combat: joint assault but some other games doesnt work that way.
Also, his psp screen is beyond destroyed and while I wait to replace it I still want to be able to view the screen via remotejoy. The problem is that irshell keeps freezing on his which I think might be a phat related issue. What do you guys suggest?
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