Is there a way to dual-boot for 5.00m33 and 6.39PRO?


I'm staying on 5.00m33-6, because homebrew (and therefore emulators) work better among other little things, but I want to use that new Popsloader pretty badly. I think there was a way to do dual-boot cfw's before, but I never tried it and the tutorial for it I found seems pretty out of date. Is there any way to still set a PSP up to do that still?

I'm on a fully hackable 2000, btw. And I have a Pandora battery and Recovery Flasher if things go screwy. Lay it on me!

Edit: Thinking about this further, I don't have Prometheus installed anymore. It gave me problems and eventually started corrupting gamesaves. But that also happened the last time I tried 6.39. They weren't actual corrupted data, iirc, but it said they were and wouldn't load them. Would dual-booting (if possible) be bad for game saves or would it only be bad if I tried playing the same game in both firmwares? (Which I wouldn't even do, I just want popsloader lol)
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