Is there a universal patch or CFW that allows you to translate Jap text to English?


I know they have english patches for some japanese PSP games or ISOs. What I don't understand is that nobody has done that for Valkyria Chronicles 3 because we don't even know if/when they're gunna release it in the US. Now even though I took Japanese in highschool I hardly remember anything (guess I shouldn't have smoked pot every morning before 1st period lol). A gf of mine has my japanese text books as well so I couldn't even try to translate it. I was able to play the JPN demo but if I tried playing the actual game I would be completely lost. I'm not looking for subtitles or anything just is there maybe some program that can translate the basic japanese text for things like that are in the menus etc... so I at least can get by knowing what I'm doing? Thanks for any help you can swing by my way guys =)!!!
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