Is my PSP bricked?? Or is there a solution to this...



This is my first post so sorry if i am doing anything wrong...


My PSP: PSP SLIM 2000 (02g)
Firmware: 5.00 M33-6

My PSP will not let me...
-Install updates that i download (from the device directly, and from putting the update in the PSP/GAME/UPDATE/
-It will not let me play ISO games, even when I switch to M33 driver,SONY NP9660, and even OE isofs. None work at all
*Ive even tried ISO Tool, but it wont even let me start that program from the PSP*
*Ive tried 23 different ISO games, NONE worked, but yet, the ISO i downloaded worked on my friends 6.39 Pro-B6*

Thats pretty much all it wont let me do, but those things are what make a PSP, a Play Station Portable.

I need to fix this, i cant live without my PSP. and i dont want to trade it it because ive had it forever.
Also, I dont have and extra battery. or another memory stick. No pandora either.
Please help me fix my problem...
** Also PSP keeps making me format my memory card**
ive tried Hell Cats recovery flasher and i keep getting an error.

So is my PSP bricked?
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