is it bricked


hello all ,firstly ill tell you ive had a virus on my computer ,and do a new install of windows 7 ,,installed a anitvirus and scaned again ,,,now im clean,,,BUT i had a external hdd with movies and othe folders ,,,the virus got hold of this aswell and made every folder short cuts ,,,,so save a for files what i could and formated it ,,,,,

now for the psp ,,i must have connected it to my lappy not knowing i had this virus and it did the same thing to the memory card on the psp ,,,i couldnt remove games or add them ,so i formated the memory card ,,,and put back on the cfw 6.35 pro-b8 ,,,,,,,,

now this is where it all went wrong ,,,,

now the psp wont turn on ,,,,i get a amber light when the charger in plugged in ,,and i get a green light with out the charger ,,,but only get the green light for around 20 secs then it turns back off

ive tryed removing the bat and turning on but nothing ,,ive allso tryed putting it dfu mode but it wont do that

is there away to fix this //hopefully there is

god dam virus
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