iPhone’s weirdest glitch yet: Ask Siri to define “mother” twice, learn a bad word

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Enlarge / "Siri, define the word "surprising.'" "Okay. Ask me to define the word 'mother' twice, then." (credit: Apple)

On Saturday, iPhone users around the world began testing and confirming what is arguably Siri's most bizarre response to a question yet. Before grabbing your own phone to test this out, however, be mindful of anybody else around.
The randy robo-response was apparently first reported on Reddit's Apple community, where a user by the name "thatwasabaddecision" suggested that people ask Siri to "define the word mother," wait for the assistant to ask for an additional definition, and say "yes." What the Reddit user didn't point out, which readers learned by doing the test themselves, was that the second definition Siri offers is succinct and inaccurate.
"As a noun," the computer-generated voice says as of press time, "it means, short for 'motherfucker.'"

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