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Greetings all,
I have been a Dreamcast user since its launch and have played it with many friends over the years. But now that many of the Dreamcast games are back online I am trying to get some of my friends interested in DC online again. realistically I know 2 people who would want to play online. One being my girlfriends brother. He already has a Pi and Dreamcast so I will give him an LVI and possible modem when I get back. The other; we often play DC and Mega Drive when im back home but im not sure how much convincing it would take for him to invest in a DreamPi setup. He was an avid PSO user back in the day so would just need a gentle nudge to play that again.

Theoretically if everyone successfully introduced one friend to online Dreamcast, this would double to user base.

Has anyone else introduced any friends to online Dreamcast? What are your stories?
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