Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (USA)

The place for the Nintendo 64 Game Shark and Pro Action Replay codes! (some codes are official and others are unofficial)

final kaoss

Staff member
Top50 Amp FuseMacrox, Jman800C8A3D 0001
800C8A3E 00X9
Top50 Amp FuseMacrox800C2EAC 0001
800C2EAD 00X9
Top9mm Automatic Pistol With Infinite AmmoMacrox, Jman800C8919 00FF
800C891A 00X9
Top9mm Automatic Pistol With Infinite AmmoMacrox800C2D88 00FF
800C2D89 00X9
TopAlways Have $9,999Macrox, Jman810C8998 270F
TopAlways Have $9,999Macrox810C2E07 270F
TopAnother Silver MirrorMacrox800C2E74 0001
800C2E75 00X9
TopAnubi's ArmMacrox, Jman800C89D9 0001
800C89DA 00X9
TopAnubi's ArmMacrox800C2E48 0001
800C2E49 00X9
TopArming DeviceMacrox, Jman800C89F9 0001
800C89FA 00X9
TopArming DeviceMacrox800C2E68 0001
800C2E69 00X9
TopAtheriumMacrox8116EA90 3F??
8116EAA0 3F??
8116EAB0 3F??
TopAtheriumMacroxD104D0A8 0020
8016EB08 0000
D104D0A8 0010
8016EB08 0001
TopAtheriumMacrox8116EAC0 BE??
8116EAC4 BE??
8116EAC8 BE??
TopAzerius PartMacrox, Jman800C8949 0001
800C894A 00X9
TopAzerius PartMacrox800C2D68 0001
800C2D69 00X9
TopBabylonMacrox81166F18 3F??
81166F28 3F??
81166F38 3F??
TopBabylonMacroxD104D0A8 0020
80166F94 0000
D104D0A8 0010
80166F94 0001
TopBabylonMacrox81166F4C BE??
81166F50 BE??
81166F54 BE??
TopBazooka With Infinite AmmoMacrox, Jman800C8931 00FF
800C8932 00X9
TopBazooka With Infinite AmmoMacrox800C2DA0 00FF
800C2DA1 00X9
TopBird IdolMacrox, Jman800C8A31 0001
800C8A32 00X9
TopBird IdolMacrox800C2EA0 0001
800C2EA1 00X9
TopBlue Div Room KeyMacrox, Jman800C89F1 0001
800C89F2 00X9
TopBlue Div Room KeyMacrox800C2E60 0001
800C2E61 00X9
TopBlue GemMacrox, Jman800C8A89 0001
800C8A8A 00X9
TopBlue GemMacrox800C2EF8 0001
800C2EF9 00X9
TopBronze GearMacrox, Jman800C8A16 0001
800C8A17 00X9
TopBronze GearMacrox800C2E85 0001
800C2E86 00X9
TopBronze KeyMacrox, Jman800C8A19 0001
800C8A1A 00X9
TopBronze KeyMacrox, Jman800C8AA5 0001
800C8AA6 00X9
TopBronze KeyMacrox800C2E88 0001
800C2E89 00X9
TopBronze KeyMacrox800C2F14 0001
800C2F15 00X9
TopBrown Tiki KeyMacrox, Jman800C89DD 0001
800C89DE 00X9
TopBrown Tiki KeyMacrox800C2E4C 0001
800C2E4D 00X9
TopBucketMacrox, Jman800C8ADD 0001
800C8ADE 00X9
TopBucketMacrox800C2F4C 0001
800C2F4D 00X9
TopBulb PotMacrox, Jman800C8AA9 0001
800C8AAA 00X9
TopBulb PotMacrox800C2F18 0001
800C2F19 00X9
TopCannot Use FistsMacrox, Jman800C890B 0001
800C890C 0019
TopCannot Use FistsMacrox800C2D7A 0001
800C2D7B 0019
TopCoinMacrox, Jman800C8A61 0001
800C8A62 00X9
TopCoinMacrox800C2ED0 0001
800C2ED1 0009
TopCombat Rifle With Infinite AmmoMacrox, Jman800C8921 00FF
800C8922 00X9
TopCombat Rifle With Infinite AmmoMacrox800C2D90 00FF
800C2D91 00X9
TopCrank WheelMacrox, Jman800C8ACD 0001
800C8ACE 00X9
TopCrank WheelMacrox800C2F3C 0001
800C2F3D 00X9
TopDrive ChainMacrox, Jman800C8A9D 0001
800C8A9E 00X9
TopDrive ChainMacrox800C2F0C 0001
800C2F0D 00X9
TopElevator GearMacrox, Jman800C8A51 0001
800C8A52 00X9
TopElevator GearMacrox800C2EC0 0001
800C2EC1 00X9
TopEntrenching Tool (Shovel)Macrox, Jman800C8A01 0001
800C8A02 00X9
TopEntrenching Tool (Shovel)Macrox800C2E70 0001
800C2E71 00X9
TopEye of HorusMacrox, Jman800C8A59 0001
800C8A5A 00X9
TopEye of HorusMacrox800C2EC8 0001
800C2EC9 00X9
TopFish IdolMacrox, Jman800C8A35 0001
800C8A36 00X9
TopFish IdolMacrox800C2EA4 0001
800C2EA5 00X9
TopFlowerMacrox, Jman800C8AB1 0001
800C8AB2 00X9
TopFlowerMacrox800C2F20 0001
800C2F21 00X9
TopGarnet Div Room KeyMacrox, Jman800C8AE1 0001
800C8AE2 00X9
TopGarnet Div Room KeyMacrox800C2F50 0001
800C2F51 00X9
TopGas CanMacrox, Jman800C8A11 0001
800C8A12 00X9
TopGas CanMacrox800C2E80 0001
800C2E81 00X9
TopGold Div Room KeyMacrox, Jman800C89F6 0001
800C89F7 00X9
TopGold Div Room KeyMacrox800C2E65 0001
800C2E66 00X9
TopGreen CandleMacrox, Jman800C8A75 0001
800C8A76 00X9
TopGreen CandleMacrox800C2EE4 0001
800C2EE5 00X9
TopGreen GemMacrox, Jman800C8A85 0001
800C8A86 00X9
TopGreen GemMacrox800C2EF4 0001
800C2EF5 00X9
TopGreen Tiki KeyMacrox, Jman800C8A95 0001
800C8A96 00X9
TopGreen Tiki KeyMacrox800C2F04 0001
800C2F05 00X9
TopHigh Resolution Cheat Device Enable Code (Must Be On)Parasyte, MacroxF0000319 0078
F000093A 0000
This code may be used with Code Generator turned ON but the game may freeze. It can be used for hacking codes though but we recommend the PC utilities instead of the Cheat Device button. This code allows you to play the King Solomen's Mines level while still having codes turned on. It is highly recommended to turn CG off once codes are choosen to minimize chances of game freezing.
TopHigh Resolution XP Enable Code (Must Be On)Macrox80000319 0078
8000093A 0000
TopHorner's WatchMacrox, Jman800C8A9A 0001
800C8A9B 00X9
TopHorner's WatchMacrox800C2F09 0001
800C2F0A 00X9
TopIn JeepMacrox81169068 3F??
81169078 3F??
81169088 3F??
TopIn JeepMacroxD104D0A8 0020
801690F8 0000
D104D0A8 0010
801690F8 0001
TopIn JeepMacrox811690B0 BE??
811690B4 BE??
811690B8 BE??
TopInf. First Aid KitsMacrox800C2E38 00FF
800C2E39 00X9
TopInfinite Anti-Venom KitsMacrox, Jman800C89C1 00FF
800C89C2 00X9
TopInfinite Anti-Venom KitsMacrox800C2E30 00FF
800C2E31 00X9
TopInfinite First Aid KitsMacrox, Jman800C89C9 00FF
800C89CA 00X9
TopInfinite GrenadesMacrox, Jman800C8935 00FF
800C8936 00X9
TopInfinite GrenadesMacrox800C2DA4 00FF
800C2DA5 00X9
TopInfinite Healing HerbsMacrox, Jman800C89A1 00FF
800C89A2 00X9
TopInfinite Healing HerbsMacrox800C2E10 00FF
800C2E11 00X9
TopInfinite Medicinal SprigsMacrox800C2E14 00FF
800C2E15 00X9
TopInfinite Medicinal SpringsMacrox, Jman800C89A5 00FF
800C89A6 00X9
TopInfinite MedicinesMacrox, Jman800C89CD 00FF
800C89CE 00X9
TopInfinite MedicinesMacrox800C2E3C 00FF
800C2E3D 00X9
TopInfinite Raft Patch KitsMacrox, Jman800C89E9 00FF
800C89EA 00X9
TopInfinite Raft Patch KitsMacrox800C2E58 00FF
800C2E59 00X9
TopInfinite Satchel ChargesMacrox, Jman800C8939 00FF
800C893A 00X9
TopInfinite Satchel ChargesMacrox800C2DA8 00FF
800C2DA9 00X9
TopJaguar IdolMacrox, Jman800C8A39 0001
800C8A3A 00X9
TopJaguar IdolMacrox800C2EA8 0001
800C2EA9 00X9
TopKindlingMacrox, Jman800C8A79 0001
800C8A7A 00X9
TopKindlingMacrox800C2EE8 0001
800C2EE9 00X9
TopLarge TabletMacrox, Jman800C8A1D 0001
800C8A1E 00X9
TopLarge TabletMacrox800C2E8C 0001
800C2E8D 00X9
TopLeafMacrox, Jman800C8AAD 0001
800C8AAE 00X9
TopLeafMacrox800C2F1C 0001
800C2F1D 00X9
TopLever StickMacrox, Jman800C89D5 0001
800C89D6 00X9
TopLever StickMacrox800C2E44 0001
800C2E45 00X9
TopLighterMacrox, Jman800C893D 0001
800C893E 0009
TopLighterMacrox800C2DAC 0001
800C2DAD 0009
TopLow Resolution XP Enable Code (Must be On)Macrox80000319 0040
8000093A 0000
TopMacheteMacrox, Jman800C8925 0001
800C8926 00X9
TopMacheteMacrox800C2D94 0001
800C2D95 00X9
TopMachine Pistol With Infinite AmmoMacrox, Jman800C891D 00FF
800C891E 00X9
TopMachine Pistol With Infinite AmmoMacrox800C2D8C 00FF
800C2D8D 00X9
TopMapMacrox, Jman800C899D 0001
800C899E 00X9
TopMapMacrox800C2E0C 0001
800C2E0D 00X9
TopMarduk IdolMacrox, Jman800C8A55 0001
800C8A56 00X9
TopMarduk IdolMacrox800C2EC4 0001
800C2EC5 00X9
TopMarduk MedallionMacrox, Jman800C8AC5 0001
800C8AC6 00X9
TopMarduk MedallionMacrox800C2F34 0001
800C2F35 00X9
TopMax Health AtheriumMacrox8116EB58 4C35
TopMax Health BabylonMacrox81166FE4 4C35
TopMax Health MeroeMacrox81169758 4C35
TopMax Health Nub's Tomb LevelMacrox81192CF8 4C35
TopMax Health Olmec ValleyMacrox81177F3C 4C35
TopMax Health Palawan LagoonMacrox81172508 4C35
TopMax Health Palawan TempleMacrox8117FC60 4C35
TopMax Health Palawan VolcanoMacrox81187540 4C35
TopMax Health Return to PeruMacrox8117A118 4C35
TopMax Health Shambla SanctuaryMacrox81166F08 4C35
TopMax Health TeotihuacanMacrox8117C5F0 4C35
TopMax Health The MachineMacrox81172B5C 4C35
TopMax Health Tian Shian RiverMacrox81193E98 4C35
TopMedium TabletMacrox, Jman800C8A21 0001
800C8A22 00X9
TopMedium TabletMacrox800C2E90 0001
800C2E91 00X9
TopMeroeMacrox81169690 3F??
811696A0 3F??
811696B0 3F??
TopMeroeMacroxD104D0A8 0020
80169708 0000
D104D0A8 0010
80169708 0001
TopMeroeMacrox811696C0 BE??
811696C4 BE??
811696C8 BE??
TopMetal KeyMacrox, Jman800C8AD5 0001
800C8AD6 00X9
TopMetal KeyMacrox800C2F44 0001
800C2F45 00X9
TopMine Car WheelMacrox, Jman800C8A09 0001
800C8A0A 00X9
TopMine Car WheelMacrox800C2E78 0001
800C2E79 00X9
TopMonkey KeyMacrox, Jman800C89E1 0001
800C89E2 00X9
TopMonkey KeyMacrox800C2EE0 0001
800C2EE1 00X9
TopNever Have LighterMacrox, Jman800C893D 0000
TopNever Have LighterMacrox800C2DAC 0000
TopNever Have RaftMacrox, Jman800C89ED 0000
TopNever Have RaftMacrox800C2E5C 0000
TopNub's PartMacrox, Jman800C894B 0001
800C894C 00X9
TopNub's PartMacrox800C2DBA 0001
800C2DBB 00X9
TopNub's Tomb LevelMacrox81192C30 3F??
81192C40 3F??
81192C50 3F??
TopNub's Tomb LevelMacroxD104D0A8 0020
80192CA8 0000
D104D0A8 0010
80192CA8 0001
TopNub's Tomb LevelMacrox81192C60 BE??
81192C64 BE??
81192C68 BE??
TopOil CanMacrox, Jman800C8A4D 0001
800C8A4E 00X9
TopOil CanMacrox800C2E6C 0001
800C2E6D 00X9
TopOil JarMacrox, Jman800C8A45 0001
800C8A46 00X9
TopOil JarMacrox800C2E64 0001
800C2E65 00X9
TopOlmec ValleyMacrox81177E74 3F??
81177E84 3F??
81177E94 3F??
TopOlmec ValleyMacroxD104D0A8 0020
80177EEC 0000
D104D0A8 0010
80177EEC 0001
TopOlmec ValleyMacrox81177EA4 BE??
81177EA8 BE??
81177EAC BE??
TopOut of JeepMacrox81168480 3F??
81168490 3F??
811684A0 3F??
TopOut of JeepMacroxD104D0A8 0020
801684F8 0000
D104D0A8 0010
801684F8 0001
TopOut of JeepMacrox811684B0 BE??
811684B4 BE??
811684B8 BE??
TopPadlock KeyMacrox, Jman800C89FD 0001
800C89FE 00X9
TopPadlock KeyMacrox800C2E6C 0001
800C2E6D 00X9
TopPalawan LagoonMacrox81172440 3F??
81172450 3F??
81172460 3F??
TopPalawan LagoonMacroxD104D0A8 0020
801724B8 0000
D104D0A8 0010
801724B8 0001
TopPalawan LagoonMacrox81172470 BE??
81172474 BE??
81172478 BE??
TopPalawan TempleMacrox8117FB98 3F??
8117FBA8 3F??
8117FBB8 3F??
TopPalawan TempleMacroxD104D0A8 0020
8017FC10 0000
D104D0A8 0010
8017FC10 0001
TopPalawan TempleMacrox8117FBC8 BE??
8117FBCC BE??
8117FBD0 BE??
TopPalawan VolcanoMacrox81187478 3F??
81187488 3F??
81187498 3F??
TopPalawan VolcanoMacroxD104D0A8 0020
801874F0 0000
D104D0A8 0010
801874F0 0001
TopPalawan VolcanoMacrox811874A8 BE??
811874AC BE??
811874B0 BE??
TopPotshardMacrox, Jman800C8AD1 0001
800C8AD2 00X9
TopPotshardMacrox800C2F40 0001
800C2F41 00X9
TopPump Action Shotgun With Infinite AmmoMacrox, Jman800C8920 00FF
800C8921 00X9
TopPump Action Shotgun with Infinite AmmoMacrox800C2DAF 00FF
800C2DB0 00X9
TopPurple CandleMacrox800C2EE0 0001
800C2EE1 00X9
TopRaftMacrox, Jman800C89ED 0001
800C89EF 00X9
TopRaftMacrox800C2E5C 0001
800C2E5D 00X9
TopRed CandleMacrox, Jman800C8ACD 0001
800C8ACE 00X9
TopRed CandleMacrox800C2F3C 0001
800C2F3D 00X9
TopRed GemMacrox, Jman800C8A8D 0001
800C8A8E 00X9
TopRed GemMacrox800C2EFC 0001
800C2EFD 00X9
TopRed RubyMacrox, Jman800C8A41 0001
800C8A42 00X9
TopRed RubyMacrox800C2E60 0001
800C2E61 00X9
TopReturn to PeruMacrox8117A050 3F??
8117A060 3F??
8117A070 3F??
TopReturn to PeruMacroxD104D0A8 0020
8017A0C8 0000
D104D0A8 0010
8017A0C8 0001
TopReturn to PeruMacrox8117A080 BE??
8117A084 BE??
8117A088 BE??
TopRobot HeadMacrox, Jman800C8AC9 0001
800C8ACA 00X9
TopRobot HeadMacrox800C2F38 0001
800C2F39 00X9
TopRusty CrankMacrox, Jman800C8A2D 0001
800C8A2E 00X9
TopRusty CrankMacrox800C2E9C 0001
800C2E9D 00X9
TopRusty HammerMacrox, Jman800C8A7D 0001
800C8A7E 00X9
TopRusty HammerMacrox800C2EEC 0001
800C2EED 00X9
TopRusty KeyMacrox, Jman800C8AB9 0001
800C8ABA 00X9
TopRusty KeyMacrox800C2F28 0001
800C2F29 00X9
TopSeal KeyMacrox, Jman800C8A65 0001
800C8A66 00X9
TopSeal KeyMacrox800C2ED4 0001
800C2ED5 00X9
TopShambla SanctuaryMacrox81166E40 3F??
81166E50 3F??
81166E60 3F??
TopShambla SanctuaryMacroxD104D0A8 0020
80166EB8 0000
D104D0A8 0010
80166EB8 0001
TopShambla SanctuaryMacrox81166E70 BE??
81166E74 BE??
81166E78 BE??
TopShark Gate KeyMacrox, Jman800C8AD9 0001
800C8ADA 00X9
TopShark Gate KeyMacrox800C2F48 0001
800C2F49 00X9
TopShark KeyMacrox, Jman800C8A5D 0001
800C8A5E 00X9
TopShark KeyMacrox800C2ECC 0001
800C2ECD 00X9
TopSilver MirrorMacrox, Jman800C89D1 0001
800C89D2 00X9
TopSilver MirrorMacrox, Jman800C8A05 0001
800C8A06 00X9
TopSilver MirrorMacrox800C2E40 0001
800C2E41 00X9
TopSmall TabletMacrox, Jman800C8A25 0001
800C8A26 00X9
TopSmall TabletMacrox800C2E94 0001
800C2E95 00X9
TopSquare KeyMacrox, Jman800C8A91 0001
800C8A92 00X9
TopSquare KeyMacrox800C2F00 0001
800C2F01 00X9
TopSteel KeyMacrox, Jman800C8AC1 0001
800C8AC2 00X9
TopSteel KeyMacrox800C2F30 0001
800C2F31 00X9
TopSubmachine Gun With Infinite AmmoMacrox, Jman800C8929 00FF
800C892A 00X9
TopSubmachine Gun With Infinite AmmoMacrox800C2D98 00FF
800C2D99 00X9
TopTaklit's PartMacrox, Jman800C8943 0001
800C8944 00X9
TopTaklit's PartMacrox800C2D62 0001
800C2D63 00X9
TopTeotihuacanMacrox8117C528 3F??
8117C538 3F??
8117C548 3F??
TopTeotihuacanMacroxD104D0A8 0020
8017C5A0 0000
D104D0A8 0010
8017C5A0 0001
TopTeotihuacanMacrox8117C558 BE??
8117C55C BE??
8117C560 BE??
TopThe MachineMacrox81172A94 3F??
81172AA4 3F??
81172AB4 3F??
TopThe MachineMacroxD104D0A8 0020
80172B10 0000
D104D0A8 0010
80172B10 0001
TopThe MachineMacrox81172AC4 BE??
81172AC8 BE??
81172AD0 BE??
TopTian Shian RiverMacrox81193DD0 3F??
81193DE0 3F??
81193DF0 3F??
TopTian Shian RiverMacroxD104D0A8 0020
80193E48 0000
D104D0A8 0010
80193E48 0001
TopTian Shian RiverMacrox81193D00 BE??
81193D04 BE??
81193D08 BE??
TopTool from BeyondMacrox, Jman800C8951 0001
800C8952 00X9
TopTool From BeyondMacrox800C2DC0 0001
800C2DC1 00X9
TopTram WheelMacrox, Jman800C8AB5 0001
800C8AB6 00X9
TopTram WheelMacrox800C2F24 0001
800C2F25 00X9
TopTurner KeyMacrox, Jman800C8AA1 0001
800C8AA2 00X9
TopTurner KeyMacrox800C2F10 0001
800C2F11 00X9
TopTwo Meter PlankMacrox, Jman800C8ABD 0001
800C8ABE 00X9
TopTwo Meter PlankMacrox800C2F2C 0001
800C2F2D 00X9
TopUrgon's PartMacrox, Jman800C893F 0001
800C8940 00X9
TopUrgon's PartMacrox800C2DAE 0001
800C2DAF 00X9
TopWater KeyMacrox, Jman800C89E5 0001
800C89E6 00X9
TopWater KeyMacrox800C2E54 0001
800C2E55 00X9
TopWhip SpikeMacrox, Jman800C8A29 0001
800C8A2A 00X9
TopWhip SpikeMacrox800C2E98 0001
800C2E99 00X9
TopYellow CandleMacrox, Jman800C8A69 0001
800C8A70 00X9
TopYellow CandleMacrox800C2ED8 0001
800C2ED9 00X9
TopZero PropellerMacrox, Jman800C8A81 0001
800C8A82 00X9
TopZero PropellerMacrox800C2EF0 0001
800C2EF1 00X9

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