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final kaoss

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This mod increases the max limit for a lot of world settings to 1000, and sets the min limit for some to 0. Note that some settings may require additional modifications, for example 'Max Pals Working At Base' will require the Increased base amount and worker pals mod.

UE4SS v3

View the installation steps on my Carry weight increase mod.

UE4SS installation steps
View the UE4SS installation steps on my Carry weight increase mod.

View the steps on my Carry weight increase mod for troubleshooting.

You can use the world options file from a single player save using this mod to apply these changes to a dedicated server.

For coop P2P multiplayer, it may work if everyone installs the mod on their client. If you do attempt to get it working in multiplayer, sharing your outcome (whether successful or failure) in the comments section helps.

This mod will most likely be incompatible with any other mod that changes the same values.

Finally, if you are experiencing a bug you believe is part of this mod please view the steps on Carry weight increase and make sure to include the information under the 'Bugs' heading.
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