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  • Alternative Ending
On Level 4, don't give the Ring to Ana to get an alternative ending once you beat the game.
Re: Immortal, The

  • Hidden Scene (Japanese version)
After the credits are done, don't touch any buttons for 3 minutes and you'll see a hidden scene from the developers.
Re: Immortal, The

* Level Passwords

Effect Password

* Level 02

* AA9E510006F70

* Level 03

* F47EF21000EB0

* Level 04

* B5FFF31001EB0

* Level 05

* B57F943000EB0

* Level 06

* C65FF53010B41

* Level 07

* C250F63010AC1

* Level 08

* E011F730178C1

* Level 08 (Bad Ending)

* 8FD0F710178C1
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