im new here just posting

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Lol why does it say I started this thread, someone else just spammed and I posted that, Final Kaoss or another administrator/moderator must have deleted their post leaving my second post the one that showed up as starting the thread lol.
lol ok then

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sooo why will ppl get banned
well people will get banned because people are spamming just to get 5 posts so they can go look at the rsbot section, silly i know.
I don't quite get why they set it up that way, the whole need 5 posts for viewing the RSBot forum. Of course those who bot are going to want to see what's going on, why try and delay that for them? And then ban them because they made up 5 posts just to read the RSBot forum posts? I'm not like complaining or against it or anything, I just don't really see the point. Do you know anything about it Shadowownz?
Well first off I just want to add that I think that it is INCREDIBLY easy to make 5 honest posts without going "pfaoijepfokadns;flke" or something else retarded. To answer your question the owner of the site decided to make it so "Leechers" could not just come on the website and access scripts or the RSBot itself because of many reasons. First off he did not want a bunch of un-participating people just joining so they can take advantage of the scripts and bot, etc. The second reason is because of the major problem of noobs who don't know how to sell some item they earn at med- to higher (such as the runes you earn from Sudoku) causing the prices to fall and the bot to be worthless. It is just in theory that the people that are going to take the time to make at least 5 good posts will not make that mistake. Last he bans the people who just spam because it shows their character a little bit more and we would not want people like them to have access to the forum. I'm sorry if you think its unfair but I think its completely fair personally.
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