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HP jewel

In Freejia, on "the other side of the tracks", there are a bunch of trash cans. Search all of them and you will find an HP jewel, the kind that you get after killing all the enemies in a room.
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99 Enemies in Angkor Wat

You must be in Angkor Wat to do this. When your in the second Garden, (Where there's 39 enemies, or 38, I'm not sure) Make your way to the Dark Space destroying enemies as you go, (Its to your right). Change into Freedan and destroy all enemies except the bushes in the bottom left corner, on the right side of the stairs. Or Bridgish thingy. Press pause and you'll notice, it says there is one enemy and there are really two, defeat the one reachable with your sword, you'll get a power-up. Now use The Dark Friar and destroy the one below the Bushes, now press Start, and it says there are 99 enemies, however, there aren't really 99 enemies, it just says. Leaving here will reset it to 0. You don't get anything out of this, Its just a trick. I'm not sure if it'll work just like that, Oh yes, make sure that you have defeated all enemies before entering the garden, when defeating all enemies before this place, do not have Fredan.
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Beating the final boss's second form

Here is another way of beating the final boss's second form. Go as far to the bottom and the center of the screen as possible. Face up and keep on shooting. This will kill almost all of the liquid light stuff trying to kill you. Whenever that statue thing powers up, just block. When the statue starts to take damage, hit it once or twice and run out of the way. It's attack takes away a good heap of life. Go back to the center bottom of the screen and continue. you'll eventually get it.
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Where are the prisoners in the Diamond Mine that gives you the gems?

There is only one prisoner that gives you Red Jewels. He is in the room with the first Dark Space. If you think the room with the first Dark Space is the room just before the Dark Friar, you are wrong. I suggest you search all the rooms again for enemies you missed, because an enemy will produce a Force that allows you to access the first Dark Space. You must be Will for this. When you find the first Dark Space, move left along the north wall on the same level as the Dark Space. When you come to the corner of the north and west walls of the bottom level, stand still and notice how Will's hair is moving as if being blown by the wind. Use the Psycho Dash on the north wall at that point and talk to the miner that appears. He will send 3 Red Jewels to the Jeweler Jem.
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Red Gem tip

The way to get the Red Gem on the other side of the fence in Frijia is to hop over the fence. How you do this is once you enter the town go down the right path. there is a place where a path of green grass leads between two flowers (there is a lot of places like this). Push and hold down for a few seconds in every suspect place. once you find the right place you will leap over the fence. Follow the invisible path until you come to another fence. press down for a couple seconds to jump over that one. Talk to the slave trader on that side of the fence and get a red jewel.
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How do I get passed the force field on the entrance to the Tower of Bable

To get through the blue force fields in the Tower of Babil, you need the Crystal Ring. To get the Ring, simply walk into the force field, and it will come out of your flute. After going through the first force field, you will notice that you can't walk through the next ones with the Ring. To get past these force fields, you have to defeat the bosses in the boss rooms. All of the boss room doors will look the same, but they will have different bosses in them.
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Super slash

This is how to do super slash. (Note: this can only be done with Will or Freedan)
1. With Will get his 1st dark power. Move then charge then move the control pad for Will's Slash.
2. Get Freedan's 1st dark power and do the same thing as Will's Slash.

This attack help you out on the vampires. You can get more hits on them before them put out fireballs.
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Vanpiers tip

Here are some tips on fighting the Vanpiers.

Take out the boy first his defense and attack is higher, but the girl defends when the boy attacks. One more thing, watch out for the fire ball they make together.
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Monster in the ruin tip

This is for people who have trouble beating the first monster in the ruin. It will be easier if you have full power, and have at least two herbs. Don't fight the monster if you don't have freedom he'll knock you cold. When both hands are gown you have to hit him in the middle of his face. When he suffers damage he shoots rays of light out of his head, it depends on your defense of how much power you lose. If you have a high defense you'll only lose half of your energy. If you have low defense you'll lose your whole energy dot.
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After you get all 50 Red Jewels (you will be in the Tower of Babel when you get the last one), find a spirit guy who is right before the door to the final boss, and is next to a Dark Space Portal. Talk to him, and he'll send you back to Dao (he'll be there, if you want to return to the Tower). Before you do anything, go to the Dark Space Portal to heal (if you need to), and save (this is almost mandatory). Talk to the Jeweler, Gem, and he'll send you to a strange place. There are enemies similar to those found in the Diamond Mine, only a different color and harder. This area is hard itself, since you are stuck as Will (there is no Dark Space to change to Freedan or Shadow). As you work your way through the maze-like area, be sure not to use any herbs... you will need all you can get for the boss. Try to avoid any enemies that aren't directly in your way (you will need to save as much energy as possible). Eventually, you will come to a bridge like section. Cross the bridge to the right, and go up. You should find a chest with an herb in it. don't use this yet (even if your health is low). You will need all the herbs you can get. Now, go back to the bridge, and this time, go left, but in the passage directly below the bridge. There should be a space in between the stairs and the top of the bridge that is black. It took me awhile to figure this out, but you are supposed to use Will's sliding technique here to go under it. Follow the path until you come to a door. When you enter it, you will see a monster. He says that he was using the disguise of Gem, the Jeweler, because long ago, he had been beaten by a hero, and lost his power (apparently not all, since he can still change shape), which was stored in the Red Jewels. He needed to find all 50 to regain it, so he created the slave labor to help find them. Unfortunately, that was taking too long, so he let Will find them for him. Anyway, this is a HARD boss. I can easily say he's harder than the comet (the final boss). In fact, he's one of the hardest bosses I've ever had to fight in a game (at least that I can remember). Anyway, here is the strategy to defeating him. The key is to study his pattern. Every boss in almost every game has a specific pattern, and this one is no different. The first thing you should notice are the three conveyer belts in the center of the room. These are an obstacle, and can cause you to slip up (since you need to cross them to hit him). Remember those herbs you saved? Don't use them yet. You will most defiantly die the first encounter, and you would only be wasting them. Don't worry, you'll use them later. While you are on the bottom half of the room, Gem will shoot fireballs at you. These come in either a set of two individual fireballs, or 1 group of 3. The fireballs aren't too difficult to avoid (learn how they move and you shouldn't have much trouble), but each hit takes off two full orbs of health (that's a lot, considering you could die in 10 hits if your life is full). On the other hand, if you are on the top half, Gem will try to slash at you, which also will take off 2 orbs of health. To get to the other side (where Gem is), you can do one of two methods. Either use Will's slide (run + attack) to slide across, or do a outward attack (if you press the attack button twice, Will will jump forward with his flute extended). The second is a little harder until you figure out how to do it good. Either way, it's still not easy. You will find yourself accidentally getting stuck because maybe you tried to slide, but were too far to the left, so Will slid into the wall, or you try to do the outward attack, and he only attacks regular, etc... This kind of thing will happen, and that is why you will probably die a lot until you learn how to do them instantly... Anyway, before you slide across the conveyer belts, you will need to try to lure Gem to the opposite side. Do this by simply running, say, left, so he will move that way, and then running back to the right, and crossing the conveyer belt. I suggest not to use the middle one.. I won't refer to it in this strategy, and it won't help you in any way by using it (it could possibly harm you). Anyway, after you have lured Gem to one side, and crossed the other, quickly run over to him, and slash him with your flute. You can most likely get an easy hit if you are quick enough, because he'll still be shooting fireballs (they won't go very high, so they don't have much chance of hitting you if you're on the top). Hitting him once (or taking too long) will make him chase after you and try to slash you. You can only hit him when he's not slashing, since his slash works as sort of a barrier. Back up as he moves toward you, slashing him as you go. When you get to the conveyer belt, quickly slide back across before he can hit you. Your goal should be to get at least 2 hits per trip up to the top section, although you can most likely get 3 or maybe 4 once you are more comfortable with the routine. If you only get 1, or even none, don't worry. It happens, especially as you are still trying to learn his pattern. Just go back down and try again. Before you try again, be sure to try to lure him back to one corner again, and slide on the opposite conveyer belt. This is the basic pattern you should follow. One hit by Will on him will only take off 1/2 of a hit point orb on him, and he has as many orbs as Will (if he's collected all of the Life orbs so that his meter is full). It will take you awhile, but be patient. Keep trying. It can be really frustrating when he has about 3 orbs left, and you die (it happened to me a few times). Don't give up. I must have used up about 25 lives trying to fight him. Of course, I used the Reset button a few times, and loaded my save game. That's why I said to save in Dao. I usually press reset by the time I have 0 lives left. The only problem with losing a life, is that although you will start off right at his door, you only have half of your full health (making it really hard). It takes awhile, but it can be done. The key is to try not to get hit as much as possible. Remember that any form of attack takes off the same amount of hit points on him, so don't use your slide. While it usually takes off more on enemies than a normal attack, this is not the case for him, and it's much more dangerous (you could get hit, and every hit point is precious). Use your herbs once you think you really have his moves down (I didn't have any while fighting him, making it a lot harder). Just follow these strategies, and you should be able to beat him.... maybe.

The comet is a lot easier to beat than Gem. It may take a few lives to figure out exactly what to do, but it's not hard. You will turn into Shadow for the fight, and gain a new weapon, the Firebird. Basically, every time Shadow attacks, he will shoot out a bird made of fire. Ok. The first form of the comet is a face. This is really easy. Just shoot his mouth when it's open, and then he will spit out a green fireball that will rain down on you. Just dodge these and shoot him every time his mouth is open, and you should beat it fine. After you beat the face, a giant statue thing will come up on it. Before it starts to attack, be sure to equip the Aura in your inventory, so you can use it every time you press B. The statue thing has two arms, which will fire two fireballs at you. You can see sparks build up when it's about to fire, so you will have enough warning. Just as it fires, use your Aura to sink into the ground and avoid them. Around you, they will also be bubbles. If you stand in the middle, and continuously fire upward (toward the head), you should hit any bubbles that try to hit you. Be sure Shadow is all the way at the bottom of the screen though. Every time you sink into your Aura form to avoid the fireballs, I think you will come up facing right. It looks like you are still facing up, but when you shoot, you will start to shoot left. Quickly tap the up button to get back to the correct position. Eventually, you will see the head's eyes and mouth open (I'm not exactly sure what it looks like, but you'll know when you see it). This is the only time it is vulnerable. Fire as many firebirds as you can at it, and watch for the mouth to open all the way. It will try to shoot a deadly ray at you (it takes off the amount of hit points of half your full life I think). Quickly sink into the Aura form before you get shot. The eyes will close, and you go back to dodging fireballs and bubbles... Just follow the pattern, and you will beat it in no time. It's really not too hard.
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Locations of all the Red Jewels

1.Search the left side of the bell tower on Will's School.
2. Search the downstairs of Lance's house in south cape.
3. Go in and out of the friend's cave near the docks until the fisherman appears right below the exit. Search the pot he has pulled up for a jewel.
4. Talk to a hidden person behind a pillar in Edward's Castle. The pillar is on the right side of the castle.
5. When you find a rusted switch in the prisons of the castle, jump on it. It will open a passage to a red jewel.
6. In a chest. Explore thoroughly.
7. Search the barrels in the room where you meet Lily (In human form).
8. Look in a log pile in Itory Village.
9. Chest in Incan Ruins.
10. After you wake up on the deserted Gold Ship, talk to Seth before you enter the ship's hold.
11. Search the pots outside of the building where you end up after being saved form the raft.
12. Search a pot on the second floor of Freejia Inn.
13. Search the flower beds for a place with a path through to the bottom. Jump over the edge at one end of this path (It is between two buildings). On the other side, a man will give you a jewel.
14. Tell the slave traders where the escaped slave is.
15, 16, 17. Look for a place where Will's hair blows around. Use the Psycho Dash on an adjacent wall to free a trapped miner.
18. Chest in Sky Garden.
19. Chest in Sky Garden.
20-22. Chest in seaside palace.
23. Chest in Mu
24. Check a the fountain in the Dance Hall of Angel Village.
25. Chest in Angel Village.
26. Search a red pot in a room near Ishtar's Studio in Angel Village.
27. One of the puzzles Ishtar makes you solve is finding the difference between two rooms with chests in them. After you solve the puzzle, search both chests. One contains a red jewel.
28. Search a pot in the upper-left corner of Watremia.
29. Search the jars in the gambling hall.
30. Great Wall Treasure Chest.
31. Search a seemingly dead end near Rofsky's.
32. In the house of Neil's parents, there is a person who asks for an apple. Keep bringing her apples form the marketplace, and she will give you a Red Jewel.
33. When you discover a secret room with some captive laborers, search a barrel on the right side.
34. Return to Watremia, and speak to Lance And Lily, who will give you a Jewel.
35. Chest on Mt. Temple.
36. Search a Jar in the Natives' Village, in a hut with three statues.
37-40. Treasure Chest in Angkor Wat.
41. After you restore the three statues, talk to them. One will give you a jewel.
42. Search the bushes on the Right side of Dao.
43, 44. If you do well enough in the Snake-panic game, you will be rewarded with two red jewels.
45. This is probably the hardest in the game to find. In the pyramid, switch to Shadow and go to the top-right of the main area, on the landing at the top of the exit stairway. There, use the Aura Ball to melt though the floor. You will find yourself in a small room. Search the pillars on the back wall, an exit through another floor.
46-49. In chests throughout the pyramid.
50. In a chest on an altar in the Tower of Babel, between two Freedan statues.
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