If someone actually fixes my problem, you're a GENIUS.


My problem: EVERY .iso or .cso I try to run, WON'T run. It goes to the PsP logo screen, goes black, then returns me to xmb EVERY TIME.

My CFW version for my PsP 3001 is 6.20 TN-E.

I think this problem is LITERALLY impossible to fix, though I will not give up. Why do I think this? My brother's PsP 300x has the SAME CFW, and when I put my memory card in his, they work. What the fuck? That means it HAS to be either my PsP, or something in the recovery menu is messed up, but I can't find a single thing that needs to be altered. If the games work on his PsP with the same firmware, that means I did nothing wrong in the memory card, and I'm at a loss of where to even start. The only thing I can think of is something in the recovery menu needs to be changed...or I need to run the games under another driver like M33...(can someone tell me how to do that in this CFW??? They FAILED at not putting that option in the recovery menu...)This is REALLY pissing me off.

It's also vice versa. .iso and .cso games that he has working on his, don't work on mine. I think my PsP just fucking hates me.

Again, if someone can figure this out for me, YOU'RE. A. GENIUS.
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