I need some help from a UK member or from vasiliy~

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When I posted this topic talking about my two projects, one that includes a system with the vmu screens showing, I had thought I was done collecting all the necessary parts for it.

An ebay seller just screwed my plans over by sending me an official mouse, which is exactly what I didn't need.

I previously posted this treamcast mouse, which if others are unaware, (much like the treamcast light gun), has a VMU port directly on the plug that goes into the system.

The mouse itself is absolute crap. But it was that plug + vmu port that I was going to abuse to make my custom system have vmu screens built into it (its rather tiny). I've got two + the vmu port from the wireless controller for my system, but with the failed ebay seller sending me an official one and having the wrong picture up, I'm now short one.

So I need one of those treamcast mice. The seller completely refuses to ship to the states. Vasiliy I know you said you have one - if you'd be willing to sell it then please speak up. If not, are there any (trusted) members around that can get that shipped to them, and then re-ship it to me? I'd happily pay for the mouse + both shipping costs.

Hell, you could even cut the plug end off (leaving me an inch of wire to work with please) and trash the mouse, and ship me just plug, or if they have any insulated plastic could even ship the chip inside the plug - very small package indeed.

If anyone can help, please speak up! I can pay via paypal~ This is the last component I need before I can start on this project!!!

edit; for reference, the picture of what i DO need is this, which is the same as the boxed treamcast mouse.
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