I got a fever...and the only prescription...is more Dreamcas

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Yo, was up my internet buddies

Its Monday 10:54AM


Charge N Blast

Sega Rally 2

F355 Challenge

Daytona USA 2001


Last Hope

Wind and Water Puzzle Battle

They're like freakin Pokemon, I need to catch em all. Anyone else suffering from the Dreamcast addiction?

NOTE: Also I got a question about shipping. I ordered the Daytona USA and it was shipped 11/05/08. I still haven't received it. What the Deal? I contacted the seller on Amazon but no reply. What should I do now?

The delivery estimate is from 11/12 - 11/26 Thats fine but its coming from Kentucky. I ordered things from California and they came quicker. whats the shizzle.

EDIT: I just spoke to the person who sold me Daytona and they said that they will check into it. Dam USPS, Dont they understand I need my fix!
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