Hung on to a fat tv, just to play your lightgun games?

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A glaring omission from modern games is a light gun, thanks to to LCD and LED TVs, who's tech can't scan the screen in the same fashion. The very first consoles had them, even during the 60s! The NES, Spectrum +2, SNES, XBOX with a sniper scope! It's actually a pretty straight forward scanning technique with the 'right' TV. Nowadays, one of the only reasons to visit a video arcade is because of your gambling addiction(?!) But what you do find there is the 2 player, huge screen, huge gun, "In-your-face" light gun games. The 'simple' pick-up-and-play games are pretty much sent straight to iphone and tablet tech nowadays. Light gun games are always 'trashy' fun. What's the point having them in your DC collection when you can't play them? ( Let's not revisit the collecting/male autism debate ). THE QUESTION IS: WHO HAS HUNG ONTO A FAT crt TV, JUST TO PLAY LIGHT GUN GAMES? And if you have, WHAT DOES YOUR PARTNER ( if you have one ) THINK OF HAVING SUCH A BIG UGLY BEAST IN THE HOUSE for what she may think is a 'dumb' thing you don't do enough to warrant it?. Please respond if you think you have any kind of argument that holds water, as mine are getting harder to justify!
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