Hulu will soon offer offline viewing and episode downloads

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Enlarge / The Handmaid's Tale, a Hulu original series. (credit: Hulu)

Hulu will soon join Amazon Prime and Netflix in allowing you to download TV episodes to your mobile devices and watch them while offline.
The new feature is a boon for frequent air travelers, public transit riders, and others who spend time separated from speedy Internet connections. Hulu made the announcements at the upfronts, events in which TV broadcasters pitch upcoming programming chiefly to advertisers but also to the press.
As noted, Netflix and Amazon also offer this feature. However, Hulu will be the first to offer it in an ad-supported tier. Those who pay for Hulu's $11.99/mo ad-free subscription will have the same ad-free experience as they would on Netflix and Amazon. But subscribers to the $7.99/mo ad-supported tier will actually download the ads right alongside the primary content, and they'll play during the episodes the same way they would on the Web or on set-top streaming boxes.

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