How to unbrick a fully Bricked psp 2001 TA-88V3 +


I have a psp 2001, I was trying to hack it using a pandora battery and MagicStick but it never reached the mod screen........ So I then knew that it was the latest psp slim. I am not exactly sure what motherboard it is, but I think it is the TA-88v3 or later. It was on OFW 4.01 so i updated to 5.03 and tryed to chickHEN, I was successful in chickHEN (ing) it, it rebooted 5.03 ChickHEN R2. (My stupidity) - I couldn't find my CFW enabler so I tried something new; I pasted the 5.50 OFW on the ms root and add the 5.50 GEN D3
in GAME folder and to my suprise the mod screen appeared and everything seemed to work so and clicked on the Install 5.50 CFW and everything worked fine until it finished and asked to "shutdown" or "reboot" and clicked shutdown
( who tell me to do that!!!) when i tried to put it back on the green light appeared but the screen was black, and from then i knew that the psp was bricked.

I tried recovery mode (failed)
putting the AC adapter without the battery (failed)
Well the pandora and Magicstick don't work (failed)
four button hold ^ + [] +select+start (failed)

I'm outta of ideas can someone plz help
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