How to make SDISO? Can't get it to work :S

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Hi all,

I'm trying to make SDISO of Hidden and Dangerous taken from a .cdi but I'm having tons of problems.

When using ISO Make pack v2.4 I followed the instructions, copied the game files after mounting them and inserted an IP.bin. The image gets made but then when trying to boot, DreamShell says there's no 1stread.bin. So I tried again by pasting a generic 1stread.bin and repeated the aformentioned steps but still it doesn't work - Dreamshell crashes and the DC reboots. Here's the video I followed Tutorial: How to create sdiso for Dreamcast - YouTube

When using SDISO_Maker_v1.2 I follow the instructions but when I click on 'Launch the Detection' nothing happens.

And finally when using SDiso_make it produces an iso which DreamShell also refuses to boot.

Any tips on making SDISOs? What programs and methods have worked for you?
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