How to burn DC games with a PPC Mac? Please help!

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Hey guys, new here. Just wondering about advice on how I can burn ISOs using a iMac PPC?

I've read on several sites about stuff like Liquid CD and Toast, only running into some obstacles: the latest version of LCD I found runs only on Intel Macs, while Toast is kinda expensive and I don't wanna bother trying to torrent it (tried in the past, never seems to work for me).

At the moment, I'm looking into free alternatives: I found a simple app called 'Burn 2.5.1', but I'm unsure if it has the settings to burn DC ISOs properly. Anybody have experience trying this app?

I got a PAL Dreamcast from a boot sale a month ago and am gradually building a casual collection. If I'm able to, I only intend to burn stuff like homebrew and expensively rare titles; one of them I'm keen to try out is Yu Suzuki Gameworks Vol. 1. 8-)

Many thanks if you can help me!
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