How does the sega lindbergh compare against the 7th gen consoles

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How does the sega lindbergh released in 2005 compare in terms of power to the 7th gen consoles released in 2005 and 2006 by micorsoft , sony and nintendo maybe virtua fighter 5 might be a good comparison do you think it would have been able to compete as 7th gen console if sega actually made one ?

According to the virtua fighter 5 article on sega retro the game had the highest polygon count out of any game for a period of time "Virtua Fighter 5 significantly increased the polygon counts over its predecessor. According to Sega, each character in Virtua Fighter 5 uses over 40,000 polygons and each background uses up to 300,000 polygons, with diffuse reflection, specular reflection, bump mapping, and normal mapping, at 60 frames per second.[3] This was the highest character polygon count at the time, giving it the most detailed character graphics of its time. In comparison, the Xbox 360 game Gears of War used 10,000 to 15,000 polygons for its characters in 2006,[4] and even the PC game Crysis used 24,000 polygons for its characters in 2007.[5] Virtua Fighter 5's character polygon count was unsurpassed until Ninja Gaiden II in 2008." so this might say something about the power of the system.

I don't know how true this is but accoring to Road to "SU". run by the people from project dream sega apparently planned to make a 7th gen console to be the successor to the dreamcast based of the lindbergh arcade board but it was cancelled because sega thought it was the wrong time to get back into console hardware."So when SEGA stepped out of the console business in 2001, there WERE plans not to. But One man waived the white flag. Even in 2004, SEGA was developing a new console "Phoenix" to compete against Xbox 360 and PS3 which would have been based off the LINDBERGH, but Haijime Satomi felt the time and conditions were not yet favorable for SEGA to step back in, so he ordered it scrapped". I haven't seen this anywhere else on the internet and searches only come up with stuff about the cancelled sega neptune ,sega pluto or sega vr. On top of this according to sega retro sega originally planned to make the lindbergh based of the xbox 360 hardware but choose to use standard pc hardware because it was more cost effective and I don't see why sega would have ever thought about making an arcade board based off a rivial console if they were going to use that hardware to make their own console.

Road to "SU".

Sega Lindbergh

Virtua Fighter 5
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