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These hints will help you in the game, but they aren't cheats.

There are 2 ways to get heaps of tokens:
1. Kill lots of gold bats.
2. Enter a cave or an area with lots of jars or throwable rocks and throw them around. Also, try and be tricky an lob them at a few enemies while your at it!

There are a few ways to get lots of food and items:
1. Many places will have cunningly disguised Secret Areas in them, which are so hard to find that only a pro would know them all(I don't!!). However, these places are usually FILLED with runes, items, and especially food! If you can find them, good on ya!*
2. Easy. Just kill heaps of enemies!
3. Very easy. Look in chests and cupboards.
4. Try completing even the smallest of side quests, and somebody might give you a reward!

*Here's some methods to help you find Secret Areas.
1. Lots of bushes are actually hiding secret entrances. To get them out of your way, use a Firecracker or Thunder-clap to blast 'em!
2. Cliffs often hide Secret Areas. Look for cracks in the cliff-face.
3. A good gamer always takes their time to study their surroundings when entering a different part of the game. Try this, it works!(Trust me on that!)
4. If you have lots of lives and are feeling suicidal, don't be afraid to jump across gaps or shallows in the water. This can be rewarding.
5. Look out below!! In other words, look out for holes in the ground, which can sometimes take you through major parts in the game very quickly!
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