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Blend in with Crowds​

In Hitman 2 you are able to blend in with crowds, make sure you use this ability to your advantage.


In Hitman 2 the Briefcases that haven't been seen since 2012 return. You can use it to stow a sniper rifle which you use by just opening the case and extracting the gun like a magician extracts a bunny from his hat and then closing the lid.

Carry a Lockpick​

One of the most useful items in your arsenal is the lockpick as it allows you to open containers, break into buildings, and cut through shortcuts. Makes sure you always carry it with you and take advantage of it whenever possible.

Hide Bodies​

It is recommended that you always find the time to hide dead bodies, even if you think nobody will find them.

Hiding in Foliage​

In Hitman 2 you can still hide in foliage without being seen but in this game you will be heard if you move quickly in it. You won't be spotted but any nearby characters will be alerted of your presence and turn in your direction.

Save Often​

The autosave feature in Hitman 2 cannot be relied on, it is advised that you manually save often and before key moves just in case things start to go away and you have a save state to fall back on.

Scout and Explore​

Whenever you load into a new area it is advised that before you do anything you first scout and explore it. This mean walking around the whole of the map making a note of where the mission starts and where the exit points are. You will also earn bonus XP for discovering locations which makes this worth doing before you start the mission.

Security Cameras​

It is important that you always keep an eye out for security cameras and immediately shoot them down when you see one. Getting spotted by security cameras reduces your score and will alert the enemy of your presence if you are trespassing without a disguise. If you don't have your silenced pistol hold R1 to see the field of a camera's vision.

Security Checkpoints​

There are certain levels such as Mumbai and Miami where carrying a concealed weapon is not a good tactic as you will need to get through security checkpoints. In these instances it is advised that you use stashes to put weapons inside areas that you will be infiltrating anyway. Bathrooms are always good.
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