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Skip part of the hub

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At the core of the seven-portal hub there are three stairs that must be
raised. After you raise the first flight of stairs, walk halfway up them.
You will see the other two platforms that the other two staircases lead
to. If you try hard enough, you can actually jump to the smaller ledge,
skipping a part of the hub!
Re: Hexen 64

What to do when your a pig

Sent in by David Kinser

If someone turns you into a pig, eat a mushroom and it will turn you back.

Winnowing Hall tip

Sent in by Mana P.

In the Winnowing Hall, and are playing the mage you do not need the
silver key. Stand to the wall left of the row of trees and look at the
tower. Shoot, and the bell will ring.

Portals tip

Sent in by River

If you're having trouble on the seven portals, when the first stairs rise,
look to the right and the left. You will see two platforms. From the first
stairs, you may jump on those platform.

Access the cheat menu

Sent in by Me301

This code can be done in any time of game mode. Pause the game,
and press UC, DC, LC, RC. If done correctly, you'll see Cheat
appear at the bottom of the menu. Go into the cheat menu.


Sent in by Me301

The codes must be done rather quickly once inside cheat menu.
The codes listed underneath the "Collect Sub-Menu" can be entered
anywhere, but you have to go to the Collect Sub-Menu to use them.
If you input the code correctly you'll hear a "swooshing" sound.
If the code is not put in correctly, you'll hear a "Hmmm…" sound.

Cheat Menu:

Invincibility: LC, RC, DC
Clipping (walk through walls): UC x20, DC
Visit (Level Warp): LC, LC, RC, RC, DC, UC
Butcher (kills all enemies currently on screen): DC, UC, LC, LC
Health (gives you full health): LC, UC, DC, DC

Collect Sub-Menu:

All Keys: DC, UC, LC, RC
All Artifacts: UC, RC, DC, UC
All Weapons: RC, UC, DC, DC
All Puzzle Items: UC, LC x3, RC, DC x2
Re: Hexen 64

Weapons and baddy info

Sent in by Tips, Codes, Hints, Cheats, and Secrets Hunter

Here is the amount of damage you inflict on a baddy with a certain
weapon, the amount of damage each baddy can take, and inflicted on

Fighter's Weapons             Damage

Spiked Gauntlets              40-50
Spiked Gauntlets 3rd punch    80-110
Titon's Axe                   80-110
Titon's Axe w/o Mana          40-72
Hammer of Retribution         60-123
Hammer of Retribution's       Projectile up to 208 Quietus per projectile up 
to 128

Cleric's Weapons              Damage

Mace of Contrition            25-30
Serpent Staff                 5-40
Serpent Staff up close        20-35
Firestorm                     up to 100
Wraithverge                   variable

Mage's Weapons                Damage

Sapphire Wand                 2-16
Frost Shards                  5-50
Frost Shards Full Hit         up to 100
Arc of Death                  very variable
Bloodscourge per fireball     up to 128

Baddy              Hit points     What they inflict

Afrit              80             8 per fireball
Centaur            200            3-10
Chaos Serpent      250            5-40
Dark Bishop        130            4 per fireball
Ettin              175            2-15
Slaughtaur         250            5-32
Wendigo            120            8 per ice shard
Stalker            90             5-40
Reiver             150            5-40
Heresiarch         5000           5-260
Death Wyvern       640            10-128
Zedek              800            128 per fireball
Traductus          800            he's tough he has Wraithverge
Menelkir           800            128 per fireball
KORAX 5000 up to 500
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