Help with downloaded Little Big Planet


Hi guys, I've just downloaded a copy of Little Big Planet for the PSP, I'm 100% sure I have the files and everything in the right folders, because the game can boot, and start.

The game loads, and asks me to choose my language, then it asks me to install memory data on the memory stick. When I push X to do so, the loading screen just continually loads. I figured maybe it was like on PS3 installing the game, but I've left it loading for 10 minutes plus. I'm guessing this means there is something wrong? I've actually tried this on two PSP's both running CFW(obv) and with plugins on and off, and with the umd mode set to every option. Same problem. Could it be the ISO is the problem, should I try a different download, or is one of my settings the problem?

Any ideas?

edit: Damn guys, really sorry. Someone delete the thread. It was just taking the game forever (nearly 15 minutes) to install. It's working fine.
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