HELP! Oh no! One of my PSP mini screw's + hole is messed up!


One day I was screwing back on a PSP screw to reconstruct and tighten things together after cleaning the screen getting really dusty, but unfortunately, while I was screwing, I think I did it too hard and the screw's + shape turned into a o hole! I screwed it in good, now I cannot unscrew it out! What to do? Here's a picture.


Unfortunately, I have damaged the outside of the screwing area using some mini clip/plier, it helped a little, but it didn't end nicely as you could see the rough abrasions at the screwing area... Sigh, the PSP is getting old anyway.. So I'm really looking to replace the screen, because it actually died on me today, D: Therefore I really need to replace it... but the problem is the darn screw! What is your idea of taking it out? Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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