Help me hack my PSP and I'll compensate you for your trouble


Hi there,

I've just bought a PSP today seeing how cheap they are today. Now before we get started, I'll state that I'm no game pirate, I collect games:

That being said, loading time, fragile media and Un-dubbed patches are all good reasons for me to have ISOs on a memory stick instead of using UMDs that I have/will be buying.

I've read quite a bit on PSP hacking and I keep finding different answers. I have a Silver model 3000 with OS version 4.21. If this can be hacked to use ISOs or CSOs let me know if if it's possible, I'll pay you for your assistance in hacking my system, $30 US in your Paypal account for an hour of your time (if it works of course).

Thank you for your time
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