Hellcat's Pandora Installer Rev 4B help


I'm trying to use Hellcat's Pandora Installer Rev 4B on my PSP phat 6.37 ofw woth a 4Gb memory stick pro duo.

But I get some error using it:

In the menu:
Error 0x80020146 loading/starting kstuff.prx.

When I try to make a magix ms it says:
Error 0x80030246 losfinh/starting libpdstdumper.prx.

When I start the: install classic pandora (Fat PSP and 1.50 FW only)
Readomg and checking ms0:\159.pbp
Hang on, this wall take a while, time to get a coffee.... ;-)

then nothing happens for a really really long time, seems to stop.

A pandoras battery, should the PSP start/boot if I just put it in without mms?

So can anyone make like a guide or something that tells me all steps to install cfw on my PSP?
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