Hdtv compatibility and light gun games

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This is by way of a Heads Up for anyone who cares and sorry if this is already known but I couldn't find anything about it. this is likely to be my only post as I just had to tell people.

I was about to sell my old games and peripherals because I couldn't get my DREAMCAST to work on my HDTV and didn't want to get into the whole VGA adapter route which seems complicated.

However I plugged it into my Samsung 4k TV and it worked fine and looks amazing.

The really good news is that HOUSE OF THE DEAD works with the light gun. The on screen sight doesn't move naturally but you can use the up/down/left/right control on the gun and it moves perfectly. It is a bit awkward but IT WORKS. I am not sure if this is an issue with the gun/game/console or TV. There was a message onscreen that the gun wasn't compatible in North America but I am in the UK and all my peripherals were from the UK

I have no way of proving this ( don't know how to upload to YouTube/the web etc) bu hopefully someone else with a 4 k TV ( and DREAMCAST) can confirm it.

Hope someone with more tech savvy than me can explain/confirm this as it may bring a lot of light gun fun to everyone.

Happy days
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