Have you ever purposefully horded stuff away?

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Not really off topic since I was thinking of doing this with some DC/sega stuff.

I realized that I have a tendency to "rotate" back to some of my older hobbies that I've forgotten about or lost interest in, simply by relocating some stuff related to those hobbies.

For example, I used to play mtg a lot around a decade ago, but haven't really put much in to the game until just recently when I re-found my decks & collection.

Its fun again, although I'm unsure for how long it will hold my appetite.

When the Sega Saturn came out, I actually had all of my genesis/32x/cd stuff stored away in a foot locker that I had completely forgotten about until I moved from home to school, and found it when taking things with me. It completely revitalized my love for that system simply because I had forgotten about it for so long.

I'm thinking about doing this on purpose now. I don't like the idea of ditching 100% of my sega stuff and games, but I have many backup systems, and an impressive library, as well as specific games that I play often...

What I was thinking was storing 98% of my collection, and leaving basically a skeleton crew of games out for each system, for example just PSO for DC, just battle garegga for Saturn, and maybe a cartridge or two for just the basic genesis unit (no upgrades).

That way, after a decade, I will have had my fill with the current generation systems, and then be able to fall back in love with my Sega awesomeness again..

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