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Various Achievements​

AchievementHow to unlock
Dead Ringer (10 points)Answer the ringing telephone
Demon Dodger (10 points)Successfully avoid 5 Charger ghost attacks
Framed (10 points)Pose for a photo and then admire the picture
Hear, Hear! (15 points)Retrieve the Phantaflask from the Auditory Annex and return it to the statue
Left Hanging... (30 points)Complete the game
Luminary (15 points)Retrieve the Phantaflask from the Luminarium and return it to the statue
Newshound (20 points)Collect every newspaper clipping
Phanta-stic Start (15 points)Retrieve the first Phantaflask and return it to the statue
Reel Scared (10 points)Star in a motion picture
Smooth Mover (15 points)Retrieve the Phantaflask from the Motility Vaults and return it to the statue
Soul Survivor (40 points)Complete the game without using a Vitality Vial
Super Natural (10 points)Defeat one of each type of ghost
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