Has the world passed us by?

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I was just looking up some information on one of the Naruto-themed fighting games on the gamecube.

And I saw some comment by some internet person to the effect of: this game is ancient, but it's from my childhood so...

And I stopped reading.

Firstly, Naruto as a TV series started in 2002, so I am assuming a video game would have had to been released in 2002 at the earliest. And this was the THIRD game, so it would have to be 2003 or 2004, or later.

So my first question is: if this is ancient, what would be considered new?

And my second question is less of a question but more of a statement: if this game is from your childhood, aren't you still a child?

But then: do people consider the Dreamcast and its library to also be "ancient." Because I still consider this to be a modern console, and certainly not a "retro" console!! Am I wrong or is it a question of perspective?
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