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Come join in the fun! Whether you have a lot of experience or you're a brand new player, you're welcome to join our server! There are many pals to tame, large unclaimed territories to call home, and a friendly community to be a part of!

Important Server Details
Our server has plenty of CPU power, 32RAM, and 45-60FPS low latency. You can have up to 32 players and 5 guild members. The spawn rate is 1.5x, and hatch times are reduced to 1. This means that your longest egg timer will now be an hour long! Please note that this may change depending on the players' requests.

The server is automatically backed up daily, so you don't have to worry about losing your progress or any data corruption. Additionally, we have 3x XP, and you get to keep your items and pals when you die. Finally, we have mods active, which means you can build your base in the sky if you want!
Our free community is dedicated to US-based video gamers to provide a platform for exchange and support.
Join discussions on cheating, guides, exploits & tips, secrets, mods and so much more!
PSA: we do not support cheating for online/mobile/multiplayer games, which may include trainers,
mod menu's, software to modify apps etc.
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