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  • Bachelors
There are five men to choose from to marry. They are Cliff, Gray, Doctor, Kai, and Rick. In order to get one to like you, you must give him gifts and talk to him. Giving one gift per day is suggested, just to budget. Each man likes and dislikes different things, and loves to get presents on their birthdays. The following is a list of the bachelors' information. The name beside "Marries" is the girl that the bachelor will marry if you do not try to marry him. Once the man you want to marry hearts turns bright red, you can buy a Blue Feather and propose.


Likes: Chocolate, scrambled eggs
Birthday: Summer 6
Found: At the church or inn. After he gets a job, he is usually in the wine cellar or inn.
Marries: Ann Note: At the end of Summer, Duke (the wine guy) will ask you to help harvest grapes. He says that you may bring a friend. If you do not bring Cliff, he will leave the game permanently, due to lack of money.


Likes: Any herb, apples
Birthday: Fall 17
Found: Base of mountain, hospital
Marries: Elli


Likes: Lumber, chocolate
Birthday: Winter 6
Found: At the library or the blacksmith shop
Marries: Mary


Likes: Corn
Birthday: Summer 22
Found: Beach or in restaurant (on the beach). He is only in town during summer
Marries: Poupuri


Likes: Eggs
Birthday: Fall 27
Found: Bench (beside the supermarket in the mornings), Rich Farm (chickens)
Marries: Karen
Re: Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

  • Changing clothes
On saturdays, go to your television. Press left, and you will be on the TV Shopping network channel. One day, they will be selling a mirror for 1,000g. If you want to, you can go to Doug's inn (Ann's house) and approach the black phone. Press the A button in front of the phone, and you can call the network for 10g. They will ask you if you want to purchase the mirror for 1000g. If you say yes, it will arrive in 2 or 3 days. When Zack (The shipment guy) delivers it that morning, if you go back into the house and select the A button in front of your new mirror, you can change the color of your overalls to the following- pink, green, orange, white, and red. Remember that you can always switch back to blue any time. Note that this can only be done the very week they are selling the mirror, and your rucksack will always stay orange.
Re: Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

  • Confessing
At three o'clock on most days, you can walk into the room on the left of where Carter usually stands in the church. Once there you may get cursed tool blessed, say hello, or confess. If you confess that the townspeople do not like you and it says "The Harvest Goddess has forgiven you", then your popularity will increase slightly. This also works for other confessions. Basically, if you are "forgiven", whatever you confessed to will be reversed. For example, if you are "forgiven" for working too hard, your stamina will increase.
Re: Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

  • Item prices

Turnip: 60G
Potato: 80G
Cucumber: 60G
Strawberry: 30G
Cabbage: 250G
Tomato: 60G
Corn: 100G
Onion: 80G
Pumpkin: 250G
Pineapple: 500G
Eggplant: 80G
Carrot: 120G
Sweet Potato: 80G
Spinach: 80G
Green Pepper: 40G
Egg: 50G
Spa-Boiled Egg: 80G
Golden Egg: 100G
Mayonnaise: (S) 100G
Mayonnaise: (M) 150G
Mayonnaise: (L): 200G
Milk (S): 100G
Milk (M): 150G
Milk (L): 200G
Cheese: (S): 300G
Cheese: (M): 400G
Cheese: (L): 500G
Wool: (S): 100G
Wool: (M): 400G
Wool: (L): 500G
Yarn: (S): 300G
Yarn: (M): 700G
Yarn: (L): 800G
Small Fish: 50G
Medium Fish: 120G
Large Fish: 200G
Apple: 50G
Honey: 50G
Bamboo Shoot: 50G
Wild Grape: 50G
Mushroom: 70G
Poison Mushroom: 100G
Truffle: 500G
Blue Grass: 100G
Green Grass: 100G
Red Grass: 110G
Yellow Grass: 120G
Orange Grass: 100G
Purple Grass: 120G
Indigo Grass: 100G
Black Grass: 10G
White Grass: 150G
Junk Ore: 1G
Copper: 15G
Silver: 20G
Gold: 25G
Mytrile: 40G
Orichalc: 50G
Adamantite: 60G
Amethyst: 60G
Agate: 62G
Fluorite: 65G
Peridot: 68G
Topaz: 70G
Ruby: 75G
Emerald: 80G
Diamond: 100G
Moon Stone: 55G
Sand Rose: 60G
Re: Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

  • Littering
If you throw an object onto the ground, it is considered littering. Anytime you do so it will decrease your popularity with the townspeople slightly. To keep the people around you happy and the town pretty, make sure you throw away all unwanted items in the trash can in Rose Square; or you can simply go to your backpack, select the trash, and press Select to throw away the item.
Re: Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

  • Optional Selling
If you give Won,the merchant, ONE gold ore everyday for a season or so He'll offer to let you sell items to him. Things like Large Fish are normaly 200g when you ship them but, Won will give you anywhere from 200g to 290g for them instead. Things like perfume, necklaces, Goldenlumber, etc. are anywhere from 5,000g to 6,000g.

After a while he'll let you play an "Apple sorting Game" if you win He'll give you a Raffle Ticket, Save the game and then try and match Three numbers (1,2,3,etc.) If you win he'll give you a record tittled "Love" you can then sell it back to him for 170,000g. It's okay if you don't match the numbers the first time you can shut the game off and try again (if you saved it that is).
Re: Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

  • Townspeople
The following is a list of what the townspeople like, if you want to be their friend. All of the townspeople like chocolate, with the exception of Karen. Most girls and women also like flowers.

Carter (Priest): Honey, grapes, chocolate (any sweets)
Gotz (Woodcutter): Honey, eggs (anything from your farm)
Grandpa (runs Yodel Farm): Buckwheat noodles
Karen (Supermarket girl): Wine, popcorn (hates chocolate)
Mary (Library girl): Flowers
Poupuri (Chicken girl): Flowers
Tommy and May (Elli's little brother and Grandpa's granddaughter): Honey
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