Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

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1000 G easily​

First cut down 3/4 of your pasture to get like 200 fodder in your silo. Then take out 99 of them and put it in your rucksack. (it takes like 3-5 min to do this) Then around noon go take 1 more fodder out of the silo. Keep it in your hands. Exit the barn, and go to Van. When you see Van it should say look on the A button. He will ask if you want to sell that, hit yes, then he will tell you that it is 10G for 1 of them and that you have 100. So you do the math. (i'll do it 4 u) 10 x 100 = 1000. VIOLA You just got 1000G Easily. (Now the process can be done as much as u want, and it can get frustrating at times just be patient, its well worth it)

Adopt a pussy cat​

Befriend Romona. Somewhere in Chapter 2 and up, Romona will come to your house and let you name and have it.


Digging for treasure at the excavation site is another way to make some extra money. Catch Carter between 9:00am and 5:00pm to start digging. Go over each square a few times to find some treasure. At the end of each digging day Carter will look over what you've found. He'll swipe anything that he thinks is valuable and leave you with the rest. You can either sell your treasure to Van, sell it yourself, or give it away. Muffy really likes shiny things.

Found Items - Selling price
Black fossil - 300G
Coin - 10G
Fossil - 40G
Gold coin - 10G
Hip Fossil - 60G
Hop Ore - 80G
Horse Statue - 70G
HUman Statue - 40G
Jade Ball - 150G
Moon Ore - 40G
Mysterious tablet - Not for sale
Prosper One - 300G
Silver coin - 40G
Skull fossil - 50G
Stone disc - 500G
Strange fossil - 80G
Strange item - 300G
Sugar one - 50G
Tablet C - Not for sale
Tablet D - Not for sale
Tablet E - Not for sale
Tablet F - Not for sale
Tablet G - Not for sale
Temple Ore - 150G

Calling horse​

Press R(2) to calls you horse from anywhere outside to you.

Change chicken gender​

Note: This trick only works for a hatching chicken. Do not save the game until you get the gender of chicken that you want. After the chick hatches, reset or turn off the Gamecube. The chick might change to male or female. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Change weather​

If it is raining or there is a hurricane, enter the mine and dig. After you are done, the rain or hurricane will be over.

Chinese checkers mini-game​

If you enter Kassey's house when one of them is there you can sometimes play a mini game that is similar to Chinese checkers.

Crops and Recipes​


tomato: spring, summer, fall
sweet potato: fall
turnip: summer, fall, Winter
potato : Winter, spring
carrot :fall, Winter
strawberry :fall, spring
melon: summer, fall
water melon : spring, summer


1.light pickles:one turnip (salat)
2.fruit juice: two fruits and one milk (desert)
3.tomamelo:tomato and melon (salat)
4.tomacarro:tomato and carrot (salat)
5.yamsoup:sweet potato (soup)
6.tomat suppe: tomato and carrot (soup)
7. meuniere set :butter and fish (entree)
8.fruit salat : two fruits and one tomato (salat)
9.veggie cake: tomato, milk and egg (desert)
10.marinade:fish,mugwort and tomato or turnip (salat)
11.earth soup : potato and carrot (soup)
12.pund cake : butter, milk and egg (desert)
13.carrot kake:carrot,milk and egg (desert)
14.strawberry pie :strawberry, butler and egg (hors d`oeuvre)
15.omelett:egg and butter (entree)


First, you must buy a pond for 2,500G from Takakura. Then, during Summer of Chapter 2, wake up in the morning at a later time than your wife.

Duplicate Ruby Spice​

Start cooking in your kitchen and choose any recipe type. Select only Ruby Spice and then press START--you'll have one more Ruby Spice. Repeat the trick to get up to 99 Ruby Spice, but don't create any more than 99. If you do you'll end up not being able to use all your bottles, and won't be able to continue living your Wonderful Life.

Easy Money​

1. To get Easy money buy the fishing pole at Van's shop.You equip the fishing pole and go to the river.There should be a bridge by the farm.To throw the fishing pole in the river press A facing the river.When you feel a little shake don't worry you need to worry about a big shake if you don't feel it you should see water splash.When You see it or feel it rapidly press A if you do right you should catch a fish.Do that a lot and you should make easy money. Note: Van's shop is only open on the 3 and 8 of each month.

2. This cheat only works when you have a kitchen. make friends with ruby at the inn.you can usually find her at the inn in the morning. after a while, if you go into the kitchen at the inn, she'll ask you if you like to cook. say yes. she'll give you ruby spice. then go to your house and go to the the kitchen like you were going to make a recipe. at the ingredient menu, select the spice and put it in the first slot. the press start to exit the menu. put the spice into your bag then look at your inventory. you should have another spice. keep doing this until you have 99. then sell 98 of them to van(you need one to do it again)you'll make 9800 for them.

Find Out Who Loves You​

To find out how much the girl of your dreams wants you, look at her diary. You can find Celia's on her bed in the upstairs of her house. For Molly, you can look on the table with the flowers at the Blue Bar. For Nami, follow her to her room at the Inner Inn.


Fish - Price

Ama - 400G
Big Ama - 800G
Big Colombo - 40G
Big Huchep 170G
Big Nyamame - 130G
Big Rainbob - 150G
Big Sharshark - 1200G
Big Snelt - 160G
Colombo - 20G
Garbage - 0G
Huchen - 90G
Huchep - 90G
Nyamame - 60G
Rainbob - 80G
Sharshark - 600G
Snelt - 30G
Yamame - 60G

Free Clock​

In like the third and second chapters, go to the chinese mans house and then when it is only him in there... talk to him...He will give you a clock which you can set to the time you wanna wake up at.

Free Seed Maker​

Befriend the scientist by giving him gifts, and he will give you the seed maker for free at the beginning of the second year.

Free Weed Cutter​

In the beginning, Takakura gives you a weed cutter.. in around the second and third capter go to the poets house and tlak to him..(make sure this in near the morning when he wakes up 10:00) walk in right there and then and he will give you a free weed cutter..

Get married to celia!​

Each day give celia (on vesta's farm} 1 of the flowers which smells of milk {only found in spring} and give her only 1 for 10 days and once u get a blue feather (on 1st day of summer) look in her diary (on bed in her room} there should 4 red hearts and if there is give cilia the blue feather and your married! HAPPY HONEYMOON!!!

Get Nami Back​

You don't have to marry Nami to get her to stay in town. In the second chapter some time in summer if you go to the bar from about 9:00 PM- 10:00 PM a movie might start and, if it does the boys that loved Nami will come in then Carter. Then the boys will start to talk about how much they miss Nami and Carter will say he saw her a couple of minutes ago or something like that. Then the boys will go outside to see her, a question will appear and ask if you want to go and see her your not.( Note you need to go out to see her if you want her to stay in town well that's what I think.) The boys will be all around her if you go out to see her. Then she'll be happy to see everybody and when the boys leave Nami will ask you a question, say for her to stay for as long as she wants. But I don't know how long she'll stay. ( Note the other answer might make her unhappy.)

Get New Animals​

Cat: befriend Romana and in the second chapter somtime around summer she will give you the cat.

Lizard: Befriend Mukumuku/the yeti and he will give you the lizard. NOTE you can only talk to Mukumuku in the winter.

Chiwawa: BEfriend carter and get all the stone tablets from the excavation site.


Buy it from Van for 4,000G whenever he has his shop open during Spring.

Horse race​

Save the game, then go to the horse race. Do not bet yet. Make a note of the winners then reset the game. Load the saved game, then bet 99 on the winners. You can get a lot of medals. Also, if you are competing, bet on yourself if you take
extremely good care of your horse. If you win, you will get a lot of medals.

How to Make Hybrid Seeds​

After the second year, visit Takakura when he is inside his house between 5:00 pm to 10:00pm to meet Tartan. Tartan is a two headed plant that will make hybrid seeds for you. Give him two different seeds and he'll mix them together to make a new hybrid crop. After this stage you can again mix crops that have already been mixed to make a second generation hybrid crop. These are called rare crops or rare trees.

Name - Made of ... - $/bag - $/fruit (B ranking)
Appage - Banana+Apple - 540G - 40G
Bashber - Watermelon+Potato - 85G - 95G
Bashota - Sweetpotato+Potato - 20G - 85G
Berryber - Watermelon+Strawberry - 65G - 75G
Berryto - Melon+Strawberry - 65G - 75G
Berryto - Sweet potato+Strawberry - 65G - 75G
Berrytoma - Tomato+Strawberry - 45G - 50G
Cabber - Watermelon+Carrot - 70G - 80G
Caberry - Carrot+Strawberry - 40G - 50G
Cady - Tumip+Carrot - 70G - 80G
Camelo - Melon+Carrot - 70G - 80G
Dhibe - Turnip+Strawberry - 30G - 40G
Dhilon - Melon+Turnip - 55G - 65G

Rare Tree - Mixings
Rare Tree 1:
Jurum + Phurum or Phuju
Phurum + Phuju

Rare Tree 2
Magerum + Orange
Gehju + Lanmuge
Jurum + Magenge

Rare Tree 3
Appage + Magenge or Oraphu
Magenge + Oraphu

Rare Tree 4
Magerum + Magenge or Lanmuge
Magenge + Lanmuge

Rare Tree 5
Magerum + Oraphu
Appage + Lanmuge
Phurum + Magenge

Rare Tree 6
Gehju + Oraphu
Appage + Lanmuge
Phurum + Magenge

Rare Tree 7
Magerum + Phuju
Gehju + Phurum
Jurum + Appage

Rare Tree 8
Gehju + Jurum or Orahge
Jurum + Orahhe

Rare Tree 9
Jurum + Oraphu
Phurum + Orahge
Phuju + Lanmuge

Make More Money From Chickens!​

Have Takakura order you a male and female chicken. Some of her eggs she lays are fertilized. INSTEAD of selling them, put them in the Incubacator located in the chicken coop. It will take a few days for the chick to hatch, then wait until they are full grown for this next step. Have Takakura sell them for around 450g instead of the 40g some you would have gotten for the egg itself. Note: Chickens don't lay fertilized eggs everyday, and you have to be patient to make money this way. Have fun!

Milk processing​

After a few years of raising cattle you'll have enough money to buy a Milk Processing room. It costs 60,000G, but is worth every piece of gold. The Milking room makes milking so much easier, it's automatic! You'll need to show your cows where to go by pushing them into the building a few times and from then on they will go in themselves to be milked.

Milk - Grade B - Grade A - Grade S
Normal - 75G - 115G - 150G
Marble - 115G - 175G - 225G
Brown - 115G - 175G - 225G
Star - 270G - 405G - 540G

Butter - Grade B - Grade A - Grade S
Normal - 225G - 225G - 300G
Marble - 225G - 225G - 300G
Brown - 225G - 300G - 300G
Star - 300G - 300G - 300G

Mixbreed Cows​

You can mixbreed your cows. The bull and the cow do not have to be the same breed. For example: Normal Cow X Star Bull = calf. Have fun with this!

More Easy money​

Buy a Seed Mixer and put in any of the fruit from tree crops. Sell the seeds instead of the fruit to make lots more money. Example: grapes sell for like 35g each but the seeds are 450g each.

More Hay​

When you want to sell a lot of hay to Van for money, keep 99 hay in the storage in the tool shed so you can just get that after you sell whatever is in your sack.

More Money From Better Items​

When you are selling expensive items to Van, such as golden wool or sharsharks, tell him you won't sell it after he tells you how much he will pay and then he will make a better offer. Doing this will get you 50% more money than you normally would.

Move your livestock easily​

To move your cows, sheep, and goat very easily while they are outside, stand behind them, with the camera behind you. Press A when it says "Push." Push forward with the left analog stick, and steer with the right analog stick.

Also, if you are trying to get the animal to the water tub to wash it, and they are on the opposite side of the field, go to the button on the barn and "Call all animals outside." The animals positions will be reset, and they will be closer to the water tub.

Not-so Wonderful Life​

O.K. if you connect to HM: FoM you can flirt with another HM girl! And your wife will get mad and leave you! But you cant marry another HM girl! ?(

Plant your seed at any time​

If you know how to preduce hybrid seeds this should be easy. Find a happy lamp flower (you can find them in the summer) go to tartan (the hybrid plant) and give him the flower together with a seed. If you put in the flower and a tomato seed he will spit it out and say its a normal tomato seed but it's not! You can plant this seed any season you want so if you have a sweet patota and you give it to tartan with a happy lamp flower you won't just be able to plant it in fall but also in winter, summer and spring.

Planting max crops in big field​

1 way to get max crops,plant 2 types of crops in the big field,and in rows downward.


X=turnips Z=tomatos or melons



If you are having trouble pushing animals to get them where you want them, close to the bath tub for instance, you have to push them from behind. Then you have to push them from the side to aim them, then push from behind again.

Quick Cash​

If you are having trouble making money, gather up all of your fodder. Fodder sells for 10 gold a piece and one sell of 99 pieces will get you 990 gold.

Quick rest​

Select the "Diary" option and choose to go to sleep. Save the game when asked, then reset the Gamecube. Load that saved game file to resume just before the time you went to sleep, but fully rested.

Seed Hybrids​

When you start the game you'll have to buy all your seeds from Vesta, Marlin or Celia. Once you raise enough money and Takakura offers it to you, you can buy the Seed Maker for 6,000G using the ledger in the food storage building. When Takakura delivers it he will put it in the tool shed. Use your crops to make seeds from. You can either replant these seeds or sell them for a nice profit.

Name - $/bag -$/fruit (B ranking)
Apple - 410G - 25G
Banana - 750G - 35G
Carrot - 15G - 40G
Grapes - 450G - 35G
Melon - 25G - 70G
Orange - 410G - 30G
Peach - 560G - 40G
Potato - 20G - 60G
Strawberry - 15G -35G
Sweet Potato - 20G -60G
Tomato - 15G - 35G
Tumip - 10G - 25G
Watermelon - 30G -75G

Selling Items​

You can sell items by going to the spot where Van sells stuff. Van will buy anything you have. But make sure you get there before he does or he'll open his shop and you can't sell right then. But remember that you can give discounts to your friends and your girlfriend. And you can sell stuff at night sometimes lots of people come.

Set for life PS hope you like fruits​

First buy some tree seeds then plant them in fertile soil (more than one kind). Then wait a few months and raise cows then when it has fruit turn them into seeds with the Seed Maker. (make 5000g by selling milk and order it). When you have the seeds plant 4 more and sell the rest keep doing this and you'll have a lot of fruit and a lot of gold.

Tombstone washer mini-game​

In Chapter 2, go to Nina's grave at 6:30 a.m. and talk to Garen. You can play the tombstone washer mini game.


If you push in the right trigger (on the top of the controller and not "z") you will whistle for your animals. If you just press it once and you are at your farm, your dog will come to you. If you press it a couple of times, like tapping without letting go, your horse will come to you, and she (assuming that your horse is a girl) doesn't have to be outside.

Win Celia's Heart​

Give Celia a flower every day, and buy seeds from her occassionally. Her diary tells you how she likes you--if it's red, she digs you. You can view her diary on her bed. To marry Celia just give her flowers every day and her hearts will raise quickly. When they are at 4 hearts, give her the blue feather, what you receive from the harvest sprites in your first summer. Do the same for Muffy... Nami is a bit harder. First make the other 2 girls dislike you as much as possible,
then give her lots of stuff from carters excavation site and she likes. Only trick blue flowers that you find in fall, if you don't marry Nami she will leave town, but if you marry her all 3 girls stay.
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