Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
Complete discovery level 1 ( 10 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 1.
Complete discovery level 2 ( 10 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 2.
Complete discovery level 3 ( 10 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 3.
Complete discovery level 4 ( 10 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 4.
Complete discovery level 5 ( 20 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 5.
Complete discovery level 6 ( 20 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 6.
Complete discovery level 7 ( 20 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 7.
Complete discovery level 8 ( 20 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 8.
Complete discovery level 9 ( 20 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 9.
Complete discovery level 10 ( 20 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 10.
Complete discovery level 11 ( 30 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 11.
Complete discovery level 12 ( 30 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 12.
Complete discovery level 13 ( 50 points )Discover enough to complete discovery level 13.
DA ten ( 10 points )Recruit 10 members of the DA.
DA twenty ( 10 points )Recruit 20 members of the DA.
Finish on hardest difficulty ( 100 points )Finish the story on the hardest difficulty.
Finish the story ( 100 points )Finish the story.
Get to the Room of Requirement ( 30 points )Discover the Room of Requirement.
Go to Hogwarts ( 20 points )Complete the Grimmauld Place tutorials.
Magic 500 ( 10 points )Cast 500 successful spells.
Recruit Dumbledore's Army ( 100 points )Recruit Dumbledore's Army.
Unhinge Umbridge ( 100 points )Cause chaos in Umbridge's Hogwarts.
Walk the platform ( 10 points )Cover 9 3/4 miles.
Win the Architecture Cup ( 10 points )Uncover all the hidden Hogwarts symbols.
Win the Characters Cup ( 10 points )Meet all characters in the game.
Win the Defense Cup ( 20 points )Cast all defensive spells in a single encounter.
Win the Exploding Snap Cup ( 20 points )Beat all Exploding Snap champions.
Win the Explorer Cup ( 10 points )Discover all known areas of Hogwarts.
Win the Friend of the Year Cup ( 20 points )Find Luna's lost belongings.
Win the Golden Gobstone Cup ( 20 points )Beat all Gobstones champions.
Win the Grand Master Cup ( 20 points )Beat all wizard chess champions.
Win the Homework Cup ( 10 points )Complete all the teacher mini-quests.
Win the House Ghost Cup ( 10 points )Find all the house ghosts of Hogwarts.
Win the Nature Trail Cup ( 10 points )Find all the rare creature tracks hidden in Hogwarts.
Win the Ornithology Cup ( 10 points )Find all the flying creatures of Hogwarts.
Win the Portrait Password Cup ( 10 points )Discover the password for every shortcut portrait in Hogwarts.
Win the School Pride Cup ( 10 points )Tidy up Hogwarts.
Win the Secret Statue Cup ( 10 points )Find the secret chess statues of Hogwarts.
Win the Smuggler Cup ( 10 points )Find Fred and George's hidden parcels.
Win the Studious Success Cup ( 20 points )Get an "O" in all lessons.
Win the Witches and Wizards Cup ( 10 points )Find the hidden wizard plaques around Hogwarts.

Attacking teachers​

Although they cast Expelliarmus and deduct ten house points, you can cast combat spells at teachers.

If you see a teacher light up (just like it does for other students and objects), hold RB then cast a dueling spell. Take warning though, you will get a spell fired back at you from whomever the teacher is, and points taken away from Gryffindor, though you will never be given the House Cup.

Book for Flitwick's mini-quest​

The Charms book you need for Professor Flitwick's essay is in the Great Hall. It is being read by a Ravenclaw student sitting next to the fire.

Book for Snape's mini quest​

The book you are looking for is difficult to find. It is in the restricted area on the far left in the second row from the very back. When you are close an "X" will appear. Press it to retrieve the book. Then, return to Snape.

Charms room O.W.L.​

After you complete Professor Flitwick's mini-quest, the Charms room becomes unlocked. Go inside and talk to him. He will call out spells that you need to cast on certain objects. If you pass and get an "Outstanding," it counts it in the Room of Rewards. The order he calls the charms in is as follows:

Wingardium Leviosa: Use it on a bench.
Reducto: Use it on a statue of a bird.
Reparo: Use it on the pile of broken dishes.
Accio: Use it on a rope near the fireplace.
Depulso: Use it on a chair.
Accio: Use it on a rope near the fireplace.
Incendio: Use it on the plaque.
Reducto: Use it on a statue of a bird.
Reparo: Use it on the pile of broken dishes.
Wingardium Leviosa: Use it on a bench.

Defeating Voldemort​

When playing as Dumbledore fighting against Voldemort, do not try casting Levicorpus or Petrificus Totalus as they do not work against him. When Voldemort is on the platform the first time, you can only hurt him when he unleashes his stored power at you. Use Protego to deflect his magical blast.

Easy "Nature Trail Cup" achievement​

At Hagrid's Hut, check the garden area for Hippogriff tracks. Then, search the forest behind the hut for evidence of Thestrals and Centaurs. This can help you get the Nature Trail Cup achievement.

Flying Creatures​

The following flying creatures must be found for the Room of Rewards.

Bats are below the Stone Bridge. Go to the Stone Bridge and light all the torches with Incendio. Then, climb down the pipe shown and maneuver your way to the bottom. You will discover the bats.
Crows are at the Stone Circle.
Doves are at the bridge at the Viaduct.
Pixies are in a desk in the Defense Against the Dark Arts room.
Seagulls can be found at the boathouse.

Fred and George Hidden Parcels​

When you are outside, look for small patches of grass on or near pathways. If they flash when you walk by them with your wand out, try casting Accio on them. A Fred and George Hidden Parcel may appear. You can find these most commonly in the Stone Circle and behind Hagrid's Hut (including the pathway into the woods).

Game Boy Advance Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire reference​

When you are in the Paved Courtyard, you may hear notes being played. They are the same notes from the Erkling's flute from Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire on the Game Boy Advance.

Herbology discoveries​

In the Herbology classroom, walk into the room with four flower pots on a table. You will see a bucket hanging on the ceiling above the dancing water can. Wingardium Leviosa the bucket and let it hover over each of the pots. It will pour dirt into them. Then Wingardium Leviosa the water can. Hover it over each dirt-filled pot until it spews water on them. Spikey-plants will grow. You will receive Discovery Points. Then, go to the entrance of the Herbology room. Walk forward into the dead-end hallway directly in front of the door in the classroom. You will see a rope hanging up in a corner. Use Accio. It will air out the room and give you Discovery Points.

House Ghosts​

To reveal the House Ghosts needed for the Room of Rewards, find the fallen portraits throughout the Hogwarts corridors. Use Wingardium Leviosa to hang them back up on the wall. The Bloody Baron's portrait is in the Dungeons. The Grey Lady's portrait is near the library on the second floor. The Fat Friar's portrait is on the first floor near the exit to the Stone Bridge.


When you ascend or descend the steep, narrow staircase that connects the Dungeons to the Viaduct Entrance, you can hear howlers being played.

Learning spells​

Complete the indicated task to learn the corresponding spell.

Expiliarmus: Learned by completing a task for Fred and George
Insendio: Learned by completing a task.
Levicorpus: Learned from Hermione after finishing all the tasks and the class with Snape. Go to Room Of Recruitment. AD will ask you for a funny spell and Hermione will teach it to you.
Petrificus Totalus: Learned from Hermione when you try to help one of brothers Krivi. When you finish his task, talk to him at the Room Of Recruitment.
Protego: Learned from Hermione during a task to help Nevil.
Reducto: Comlete Jini's task then go to the Room Of Recruitment and talk to her.
Rictumsempra: Learned from Hermione when you try to help Zaharia. When you finish his task, talk to him at The Room Of Recruitment.
Stupify: Learned by completing a task for Fred and George.

Library: Portrait shortcut​

Go to the library and talk to the portrait that wants to know the headline of the Daily Prophet. Then, go to the Great Hall and walk up to the front table and turn to face the crowd. You will see a podium with candles on it. Cast Depulso for Discovery Points and Incendio to make candles appear everywhere. Cast Wingardium Leviosa and an owl will drop a newspaper on a table near a Gryffindor student. Examine the paper. Then, go to the library again. Talk to the portrait. The password turns out to be "No news is good news." This shortcut leads to the fourth floor.

Locket from books reference​

There is a hidden reference to the seventh book during the time at Grimauld Place during Christmas. When you are helping Ginny find Kreacher's items and you pull off the painting from the wall, notice the locket hanging from the wall. Ginny says it will not open. This is one of the Horecrux that is mentioned in the sixth and seventh books. It is R.A.B.'s Locket, which he stole from Voldemort.

Luna's lost belongings​

Luna's lost belongings can be found at the following locations.

In the Clock Tower Courtyard directly in front of the Fountain.
In the Entrance Courtyard. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the broom and sweep the leaves on the right side of the courtyard.
In the Great hall on the table.
In the Library on the table.
In the Viaduct Entrance in front on the bookcase next to the stuttering portrait.

Percivel Pratt: Shortcut to the Boathouse​

Find the portrait on the fifth floor of the Grand Staircase that rhymes. He will tell you to find the portrait with three faces. Go to the seventh floor corridor and find that three-faced portrait. He will tell you to ask Professor Basil Fronsack. Go to the third floor and ascend the stairs to the Defense Against The Dark Arts room, but stop at the talking gargoyle. Take the passage beside him. Keep going until you reach the portrait just before the Charms room. He will tell you to find the shepherdess on the second floor landing. Go back the way you came, but go through the door on the left before you reach the stairs to third floor. Go down the stairs until you see a portrait of a lady in pink with a staff and sheep. She says to see Google Stump in the Viaduct Entrance. Once there, go to the only portrait in the area, next to a bookcase. He says to ask Gifford Abbott. Go all the way down the stairs in the Grand Staircase. He is the last portrait before you get to the entrance. He tells you that the password is "This password is absurd." Go back to Pratt's portrait and tell him.

Room Of Rewards trophies​

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy:

Characters Cup
Meet all 58 characters in Hogwarts.

Defense Against The Dark Arts Cup
Cast all defensive spells in six duels.

House Ghost Cup
Find all four House Ghosts.

Nature Trail Cup
Find all animal footprints.

Room Of Rewards: Discoveries​

Use Wingardium Leviosa on the feather duster in the Trophy Room. Hold it over the two dusty trophies next to it, and it will clean them. Then examine each trophy. Those four Discoveries will register a 100% on the Marauder's Map.

Swamp Boxes​

You will first help Luna Lovegood in the Clock Tower Courtyard. After talking to her, use Wingardium Leviosa on a bench and move it to the small "X" by the pear tree. Climb up and Reparo the roof. Use Reducto on the "X" then levitate the Swamp Box down. Climb down. The box should be on the big "X" near the fountain. Step back and cast either Incendio or Reducto. The Swamp Box will explode.

You will then help Ginny Weasley in the Transfiguration Courtyard. After talking to her, use Wingardium Leviosa on the Swamp Box in the tree. Suddenly you will enter a Wizard Encounter with some Slytherins. Once you defeat them, use Wingardium Leviosa on the box again and move it to the big "X". Use Incendio or Reducto. The Swamp Box will explode.

Finally you will go to the Paved Courtyard. No one will be there to tell you what to do, but Ron and Hermione will talk to you. Walk up the stairs and go along the path until you reach the broken pipe. Use Reparo. Climb up the pipe, jump onto the ledge, go past the second pipe, climb up the third pipe, jump onto the roof, run along the rooftop, use Wingardium Leviosa on the Swamp Box, and drop it off the roof. Climb down to the ground. Use Incendio or Reducto. The Swamp Box will explode. Ron will tell you that you are finished.

Talking Gargoyles​

To find the five Talking Gargoyles for Dean, look in the following areas.

In the courtyard where Dean is standing.
In the Paved Courtyard.. You must repair the broken staircase in the corner. It is at the end of the balcony in the corner.
In the Viaduct.
The fourth floor outside in the balcony.
The spiral staircase when you walk up to DADA.

Note: You can use Incendio on Talking Gargoyles for Discovery Points.

Tidying Up Hogwarts​

Go to the Entrance Hall. Go in the small custodian room to the left of the large exit doors. Wingardium Leviosa the mop and hover it over each of the four odd tiles by the golden statue. It will clean them. You will get Discovery Points, and Hermione will talk, giving you a 100% on the Marauder's Map. Then, go to the Viaduct Entrance. Wingardium Leviosa the mop near the dungeon stairs and clean the odd tiles by the large staircase. You will get Discovery Points.

Using spells on objects​

Any time you see any object begin to light up, cast spells until you find the correct one, then do it again on the others. If you see a student light up, then RB and cast a dueling spell.
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