Happy birthday sonic!!!!

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One half of me is having a birthday! It's 23 today. I don't know if this fits in here so I'll bring up the sonic birthday pack. Now that's something I want and it makes me laugh how I will pass over everything when it's cheap but as soon as I want it the only way I can afford some of that dreamcast stuff I would have to sell my soul for it! Dreamcast stuff is getting more expensive as more people get in to it. As sonics birthdays go by, SA2 for Dreamcast gets even more insane on ebay, but anywho, I brought up dreamcast stuff. so let's talk about Sonic. He's 23 now! it makes me sad! I can still remeber when he was 12! I'm getting OLD! tell me about some of you best SA Sonic Shuffle or SA2 memories! I would love to know!
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