Hack fo PSP 100X Phat


I am new to the psp hacking world but I'm not a complete n00b. I have been reading post after post now all I know is the terminology and a bunch of obscure methods that don't help me at all.

I have two new PSP Phat's and I want them hacked. I have no pandora's battery.
So being can do person I am I decided I could make my own. This ended in tragedy because the newer Phat battery's are like pandora proof and the tutorial was useless. It even ended in the death of 1 battery.

So after actually giving things an honest college try I failed so here I am.
I figure some PSP Sage that lives atop mountain in a cave would frequent these forums and help me with my dilemma.

I have 1 PSP Phat OFW 5.50
and another Phat OFW 6.10 no battery lol

Show mercy on the prudent n00b oh wise Sage.
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