Hack attempt does not properly glitch out and wont start


Ok that is a nice title isnt it? i wasnt sure what is correct.

ok i used this tutorial right here


i had exactly the same values as he had(same firmware)

it didnt proberly glitch out at the part where it should restart(around 1:40) and it doesnt restart at all, it shows the image correctly

please note:

I never did anyhting like this to my psp

thers no modded stuff

my root dirrectory looks veeery different to his.

i am not sure if i have a phat 1000, i am PRETTY Sure, i checked twice but i maybe made something wrong here,if you could tell me yet again how to be sure it is one,it maybe is because of this.

I tried other tutorials too, which was resulting in "game cant be startet,file broke" messages,no idea why.
so i cannot baisicly start the update on its own(even if i doubt its possible without that chickHEN hack,which isnt installed yet,but yet again,it bugged doing so)

i cannot use a pandora battery

does anyone know how to help?
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