Guide: Everything you need to download and burn dc games!!!!

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Ok this guide is being written to help everyone that does not know how to download or burn dc games. or for all those people that don't know the easy way to doing this.

STEP 1 Get initial supplies
You need Winrar and 7zip Where to get them Here:
7zip Download 7-Zip -
Winrar Download WinRAR -

Download and install those any version works btw

Download and install
when it starts up it will say you need to update
go to file and then restore jd let it update and install. after that it should restart. then go to settings click downloads and connections. under download direction put what you want. i just made a section for downloads. under download control
Removed Finished Downloads : Never
If File Already exists : Skip Link
Start Downloads On Start up: Check in box

COPY THIS LINK WHILE JDOWNLOADER IS OPEN (note this was not made by me but was uploaded by me COMPLETELY SAFE)
File sharing and storage made simple
it contains diskjuggler with a keygen (all that other crap just ignore)
Now look at jdownloader after copying link. click continue with all next thing you know its downloading. and since there is no password it will extract no problem.

now open the folder where you made the directory in jdownloader. it should be called DREAMCAST TOOLS and you will see some files ignore read me fist, major update, wrar371, zwt you can DELETE THOSE. run setup and install diskjuggler. when it asks for a key open up keygen and give it one. NOW YOU CAN BURN GAMES NO PROBLEM.

Now your going to want to get games there are plenty of sites but THESE ARE THE ONES YOU SHOULD GET THEM FROM. (if you want to mess around and get screwed over go to other sites, especialy if your a guy and likes butt sex.) - Login

Find a game you want
BUT WAIT!!! theres a dcres version which is like having sex with 2 women (if your a guy) and if your a girl (IDK whatever gives girls the most pleasure) so same thing copy the link go to jdownloader continue with all. wait for it to download (rofl hardly 50 mb) so your looking at a 5min wait with jdownloader what to do with those 5minutes idk jackoff or pleasure yourself. game downloaded yet? nope go for another round. ok now since thats over the game did not have a pw so it will extract no prob. but wait theres still this majical files that looks like a book and is a .rar well then RIGHT CLICK IT AND GO TO EXTRACT FILES THEN CLICK OK. then you have it the majical file .CDI double click it, diskjuggler will open it put a cd-r in your computer go to setting this is what you want to put in advance

put in lowest speed and press start. after that you can do w/e you want until its done burning

for some games people did not use winrar to compress. they use 7zip or ecm thing. what you do is easy 7zip is a 001 002 etc. find the first one right click go to 7zip and then extract. for tux's you have to run a unpack ecm which bring up that one black box just press a key and it will extract to get your cdi

ENJOY!!! Maybe a video soon
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