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final kaoss

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1 ETBT-AA42 MASTER CODE--MUST BE ENTERED 2 R1XA-C6W2 Infinite energy 3 AVHT-AA6W Infinite credits 4 ABPA-GAC8 Each pistol has 0 bullets 5 AKPA-GAC8 Each pistol has 2 bullets 6 AVPA-GAC8 Each pistol has 4 bullets 7 BBPA-GAC8 Each pistol has 8 bullets 8 AW9T-AA4Y Each pistol has infinite bullets 9 ABPA-GADA Each AK-47 has 0 bursts 10 AKPA-GADA Each AK-47 has 2 bursts 11 AVPA-GADA Each AK-47 has 4 bursts 12 A3PA-GADA Each AK-47 has 6 bursts 13 AXAA-AA5N Each AK-47 has infinite bursts 14 ABPA-GADC Each rocket launcher has 0 rockets 15 AKPA-GADC Each rocket launcher has 2 rockets 16 A3PA-GADC Each rocket launcher has 6 rockets 17 BBPA-GADC Each rocket launcher has 8 rockets 18 AXAT-AA3A Each rocket launcher has infinite rockets 19 ACHT-B69T Each object picked up is nothing 20 AGHT-B69T Each object picked up is a knife 21 ALHT-B69T Each object picked up is an iron bar 22 ARHT-B69T Each object picked up is a sword 23 AWHT-B69T Each object picked up is a pistol 24 A0HT-B69T Each object picked up is an AK-47 25 A4HT-B69T Each object picked up is a rocket launcher 26 A8HT-B69T Each object picked up is a whip 27 BCHT-B69T Each object picked up is a grenade
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