Greendog, The Beached Surfer Dude

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Greendog, The Beached Surfer Dude (tm) Game
Find the funky ancient surfboard (probably left over from the '60's)
and break the curse in this fun game, with its good cartoony graphics
and lots 'o enemies. Hang ten, dude, with DOG Codes 1 and 5--you'll
have infinite lives and spikes won't hurt you. If you need more of a
challenge, try Codes 17 and 23.
CODE KEY IN . . . EFFECT . . .
1 ATNT-AA4E Infinite lives
2 AYPA-AADE Start with 6 lives
3 A2PA-AADE Start with 7 lives
4 BEPA-AADE Start with 10 lives
5 ABYA-CAAN Spikes don't hurt
6 AYNA-BE5Y Start on Ancient Aztec Crypts level
7 A6NA-BE5Y Start on Mustique level
8 BJNA-BE5Y Start on Curacao level
9 BNNA-BE5Y Start on Underwater Crypts of Curacao level
10 BYNA-BE5Y Start on Skateboard level 1
11 B2NA-BE5Y Start on Jamaica level
12 B6NA-BE5Y Start on Skateboard level 2
13 CENA-BE5Y Start on Saba level
14 CJNA-BE5Y Start on Crypts after Saba level
15 CTNA-BE5Y Start on St. Vincent level
16 CYNA-BE5Y Start on the final Skateboard level
17 AACA-CAC4 Cola doesn't restore energy
18 AJCA-CAC4 Cola restores less energy than normal
19 DTCA-CAC4 Cola restores more energy than normal
20 GACA-CAC4 Cola completely restores energy
21 AD8A-AACL Fish don't hurt
22 AX8A-AACL Fish hurt more than normal
23 CD8A-AACL Fish are devastating
24 AC6A-AABG Birds don't hurt
25 BC6A-AABG Birds hurt more than normal
26 CC6A-AABG Birds are devastating
Remember, you can pick 'n mix your codes! You can enter up to FIVE
codes at a time (but some effects require more than one code).
Greendog, The Beached Surfer Dude and related names are
trademarks of Ric Green.
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