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(X) = X Button
(C) = Circle Button
(S) = Square Button
(T) = Triangle Button


- Page - 1


2 ---- beginning your adventure
3 ---- controls
4 ---- story
6 ---- starting a game
7 ---- the game screen
8 ---- the command menu
13 --- exploring the continents
16 --- saving your progress
18 --- combat
21 --- eon's scepter
22 --- magic
23 --- equipment
25 --- characters

- Page - 2

Set up your PlayStation game console according to the instructions in
its Instruction Manual. Make sure the power is OFF before inserting or
removing a compact disc.

Insert the The Granstream Saga disc and close the Disc Cover. Insert
one or two game controllers in the Controller Ports and turn ON the
PlayStation game console.

Check out the opening scenes, or press the START Button to go directly
to the Title Screen.

- Page - 3

normal/battle view

(S) Use the currently selected magic spell.

(T) Access the Command menu.

(X) Examine objects and talk to other characters, advances text.

(C) Advance text, cancel menu commands.

L1 Rotate the camera view 90 degrees in a clockwise direction.

L2 Same as (X).

R1 Rotate the camera view 90 degrees in a counter clockwise direction.

R2 Same as (C)

Use the Directional Button to move Eon.

Note: The Directional Button is also used to move the curser when
using a menu Screen

Note: Double tapping the directional pad will make Eon dodge left,
right, jump back, or dash forward.

(S) Uses the currently selected magic spell.

(T) Access the Command menu.

(X) Attack with currently selected weapon. Press repeatedly for
multiple hits.

(C) Press and hold to block enemy attacks with your shield. You cannot
move while you are blocking. Cancels menu commands.

L1 Not used.

L2 Same as (X).

R1 Hold and use the Directional Button to dodge in that direction
(same as tapping that direction twice).

R2 Same as (C)

- Page - 4


One hundred years ago, on the planet of Granstream, a terrible war
took place. The battle raged between two opposing forces - the evil
Imperial Wizardry and the noble Allied Spirit Army. Both sides were
nearly evenly matched, and victory seemed out of reach for either
army. Then, in desperation, the Imperial Wizardry used a weapon that
had been banned long ago due to its terrible destructive power and

The weapon was fired into the core of the planet, with the objective
of annihilating a huge portion of the Allied Spirit Army's forces.
But a miscalculation by the weapon's operators caused a catastrophic
chain reaction. The damage was so great that the planet actually
shifted on its axis, causing the melting of the polar ice caps and
threatening to entirely cover the planet's surface with water.

- Page - 5

Far above the battles of the two forces, four Wise Men had been
watching, waiting for the disaster they knew would come. Foreseeing
the cataclysm through their magic, the Wise Men acted as the
continents began to submerge. Using their mystical fortress Airlim,
powered by four elemental Orbs, the Wise Men were able to raise four
of the continents into the air. These four continents were the only
land not swallowed by the rising oceans, and the people on them were
the only survivors of the catastrophe.

The Wise Men knew that to keep the continents floating, they would
need to recharge Airlim periodically with the four Orbs - each one
representing one element (Wind, Water, Fire and Earth). Each Orb
corresponded to a continent, and each Wise Man controlled a single
Orb. To prevent the power of the Orbs from falling into the wrong
hands, each Orb had to be activated by a special verse, recited by one
of the Wise Men.

As the Wise Men aged and began to weaken, they each selected a
descendent to carry on their task. And so it was, for one hundred
years. But now, as the people of the four continents struggle to
renew their civilization, dark rumors begin to spread amongst them -
of the Wise Men disappearing, of Imperial Wizardry airships once again
seen in the skies. And the continents themselves are slowly sinking
lower closer to the hungry waters waiting below.

On the continent of Shilf, a young orphan named Eon is being raised by
a kindly old man, Valos. Valos is using magic stones to carve off
pieces of the continent to try and make it lighter and slow the
descent towards the ocean. But without the help of the Wise Men,
Valos knows, such measures only delay the inevitable. He wonders if
anyone can save them now...

- Page - 6

To begin your adventure, press Start when you see the Title Screen.
From there, you will be taken to the Start Screen. This screen has
three options: Data Load, Start, and Key Config.

Data Load - Load any saved games using this option (note: make sure
you have your Memory Card with saved games inserted into slot 1 before
using this option). Highlight this option using the Directional
Button and press the (X) button. A list of saved games will appear.
Use the Directional Pad to highlight your saved game and then press
the (X) button. When the Ready message appears, press the (X) button
to start playing.

Start - Use the Directional Button to highlight this option and press
(X) if you wish to begin a new game of The Granstream Saga. You will
see the opening cinema and then begin your game.

Key Config - Used to reconfigure the controller. Highlight and press
the (X) button. A screen with a control pad on it will appear showing
the button configurations. Highlight the Change Button Configurations
option and press the (X) button. After a prompt, you will be able to
select the buttons to assign each function to. When you are done
configuring your buttons, you will be asked to confirm your settings.

- Page - 7

game screen
Status Bar:
Eon's current health. It is divided into two parts, the Life Point
(LP) meter and the Hit Point (HP) meter. Each time Eon sustains
damage in combat, the HP meter drops. When the HP meter reaches zero,
one segment of the LP meter is lost. When all of the LP segments are
lost and the HP bar is fully drained, Eon will die and you will need
to begin from your last save point (see Saving the Game, p. 16).

MP Force Meter:
The amount of Magic Points (MP) Eon has in units of Force (F) MP can
be obtained by defeating enemies, and can be used to power many
different spells. The circular part of the meter shows an icon
depicting the spell you currently have equipped For more information
on using Magic, see p.22.

Assists you in keeping your bearings when rotating the screen using
the L1 and R1 buttons. In order to return the screen to its normal
orientation use the L1 and R1 buttons so that the compass is pointing
North (upwards).

Note: Upon entering combat, your Status Bar will be located at the
bottom left-hand corner of the screen. The MP meter will be located
in the upper left-hand corner, and the Status Bar of the opponent will
at the bottom right-hand corner. The opponent's Status Bar will
function the same way as yours.

- Page - 8

To access the Command Menu, press the (T) Button. A menu will appear
with a list of options, Use the Directional Button to highlight an
option and then press the (X) Button. A window will open to the right
of the menu and display the contents of that menu selection. There
are six windows: Item, Equip, Magic, Status, Scepter, and Option.

View the various items you have collected during your quest. To use
an item, move the cursor over the item with the Directional Button. A
description of the item will appear. Press the (X) Button, and then
select Use or Drop. Upon selecting Use, a prompt asking you to confirm
your selection will appear. Press the (X) Button to confirm and a
message showing the item has been used will appear. Selecting Drop
will allow an item to be discarded.
Note: Some items cannot be Dropped. Use the (C) Button to close the
window when finished.

- Page - 9

Used to out fit Eon with weapons, armor and shields. You begin your
game with no weapons or defensive equipment, but you will quickly
begin to acquire them as you continue on your adventure. Once you
have found a piece of equipment, you will want to examine its
attributes in the Status section.

The window is divided into three parts: the Equip section, the
Weapon/Armor/Shield section, and the Status section. The Equip
section shows you which pieces of equipment you are currently using.
The Weapon/Armor/Shield section displays your available equipment in
those three categories. You can use the Directional Button to move
the cursor and highlight a piece of equipment, then press (X) to equip
it. The Status section shows your Attack (AT) and Defense (DF)
ratings. The first number in each category is your current power.
The second number is the power you will have if you equip the weapon
that is highlighted in the Weapon/Armor/Shield section. By comparing
the two numbers, you can see if the weapon, shield or armor you wish
to use will increase or decrease your AT and DF.

Some pieces of equipment may raise one category and lower the other.
In these cases you will need to decide if the potential tradeoff is
worth it. Also remember that a weak AT weapon like a dagger can be
used to strike much more effectively than the more powerful but slower

Use the (C) Button to close the window when you are done equipping
your weapons and defensive items.

- Page - 10

The third window in the Command Menu shows you the magic you have
learned, and allows you to select which spells to assign to the (S)
Button for instant use. At the beginning of the game, you only know a
low-level Heal spell but you will begin to acquire new and more
powerful spells very quickly. Read the section on Magic (p.22) for
more information on how and when to cast spells. The Magic window is
divided into two parts: the Normal section and the Battle section,

The Normal section is where spells that can be cast outside of combat
appear. None of the spells in this window section can be used during
a battle. You will notice some spells (such as your Healing spells)
appear in both window sections. You must equip each version of such
spells separately. To equip a spell for use, move the cursor over it,
then press the (X) Button. As you find new spells, you should equip
them using this method and test them out to see if you wish to use

The Battle section is where spells that can be cast during combat
appear. None of the spells in this window section can be used unless
you are in combat. To equip a spell use the Directional Button to
move the cursor over it, then press the (X) Button.

Use the (C) Button to close the window when you are done selecting
your spells.

- Page - 11

The Status window shows you all of Eon's statistics at a glance.
There are nine different sections: LV, LP, HP, GP, Equip, AT, DF, MP
and Spells.

LV - Eon's current level. Eon's level will increase after various
events occur during the game.

LP - The total number of segments in Eon's Life Point meter, as well
as how many LP are remaining.

HP - The total amount of Hit Points Eon has, as well as show how many
HP are remaining.

GP - The amount of gems Eon has obtained (see Exploring the
Continents, p.13).

Equip - The weapon, armor and shield Eon is currently equipped with.

AT - Eon's current Attack power.

DF - Shows Eon's current Defense power.

MP - The amount of Magic Points Eon has.

Spells - The spells Eon currently has selected.

Use the (C) Button to close the window when you are done examining
your status.

- Page - 12

Displays all of the items that Eon's magical scepter has memorized
(see Scepter p.21). Use the Directional Button to move the cursor
over each item, and a description of that item will appear in the box
below. Use the (C) Button to close the window when you are done
examining the Scepter items.

The Option window has two functions: Message Speed and Game Reset.

The Message Speed option allows you to control how fast the on-screen
text appears during the game. There are three settings: Slow, Normal
and Fast (Normal is the default setting).

The Game Reset option allows you to return to the title screen without
using the Reset button on the console. Move the cursor over the Reset
icon and press the (X) Button to reset your game. WARNING - doing
this will remove all unsaved Progress you have made! Only use this
option if you are prepared to start again from a saved game on your
memory card. Use the (C) Button to close the window when you are done
adjusting the options.

- Page - 13

As Eon, you are free to explore a vast world stretching over four
continents. Using the Directional Button, you can move Eon around the
area you are in. To examine an object or talk to a person, press the
(X) Button when you are in close proximity to them. To enter a
building, use the Directional Button to move Eon into the doorway.
Sometimes rotating the camera view using the L1 and R1 Buttons can be
helpful when objects or doorways are aligned diagonally with Eon.

When Eon talks to particular characters at certain times, the camera
angles may shift dramatically to emphasize different aspects of the
Scene. During these sequences, Eon is not able to move or examine
objects. The conversation sequence is over when the camera view
returns to normal and Eon's Status Bar reappears in the upper
left-hand corner of the screen (see Game Screen, p.7).

- Page - 14

It is important to talk to everyone in the game. Characters may be
passing on important information about the area you are in or problems
you may soon be facing. Often you cannot progress through the game
storyline if you have not talked to a specific character or
characters. Be sure to revisit each character after a major event, as
they will often have different things to say.

When in towns, it is also a good idea to visit the various shops. The
Apothecary in particular offers a good selection of useful items,
including healing herbs and magic potions. You can purchase items
using gems. Gems can be found inside various objects, or by defeating
enemies. You can also go to the Pawn Shop to sell items you find or
purchased by mistake. The Pawn Shop owner will give you gems for such
items. Don't forget to visit the Church, either. The priest's holy
powers can heal you completely and allow you to save a game (see
Saving Your Progress, p.16). Sometimes the priest also has
information that Eon must obtain before he can continue through the

- Page - 15

When exploring in dungeons and other dangerous areas, it is important
to save often. Most monsters are visible and can be avoided if
necessary, but some enemies can ambush you without warning. Mimics
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