Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

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final kaoss

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_S ULUS-10160S92F0
_G Vice City Stories

Upside Down
0x003ABD4C 0x00000000
0x003ABD4C 0x00000001

0x003B2832 0x00000001
0x003B2832 0x00000000

Cheat Activated text
0x00693904 0x00000001
0x00693904 0x00000000

Chrome Cars
0x003ADC16 0x00000001
0x003ADC16 0x00000000

Guys follow you
0x003AD1B5 0x00000001

All green Lights
0x003B0140 0x00000001
0x003B0140 0x00000000

Peds have weapons
0x003AF2EC 0x00000000
0x003AF2EC 0x00000001

Inf Health
0x010B5226 0x000042CC

Inf Armor
0x010B522A 0x000042CC

No Cops
0x010B7B50 0x00000000

Cop Modifier
0x010B7B50 0x0000000x

INF Money
0x003DE91C 0x000F4240

0x010B8524 0x00002710
0x010B8528 0x00002710
0x010B850C 0x000F4240
0x010B8544 0x000F4240
0x010B85B4 0x000F4240
0x010B8598 0x000F4240

Granades do not explode
0x003FA21C 0x00000000

RPG MOD (Rockets do not explode, rockets float by air, rockets shine.)
0x003C95C9 0x00000000
0x003C95A9 0x00000000
0x0046F4A4 0x00000000
0x0046F4A8 0x00000000

Fire disappears fast
0x003E3DE0 0x0000000

Fire never disappears
0x003E3DE0 0x0000001

Weapon slots (use only when you have all weapons)
0x10B7EF8 0x0000000x

Time Modifier
0x003B3F21 0x000000xx
0x003B3F21 0x000000xx

Freaky Weather
0x003B3F21 0x00000064

Exploded cars
0x003B459C 0x00989680

People you´ve wasted
0x003B4594 0x00989680

Destroyed Boats
0x003B45A0 0x00989680

Destroyed Airplanes
0x003B45A8 0x00989680

total wanted stars attained
0x003B45B4 0x00989680

total wanted stars evaned
0x003B45B8 0x00989680

Tire popped with gunfire
0x003B4008 0x00989680

Days passed in game
0x003B4410 0x00989680

Number of Saves
0x003B45BC 0x00000000

Number of necks snapped
0x003B45E8 0x00989680

Times you´ve been busted
0x003B44 0x00000000

Times you´ve been wasted
0x003B4488 0x00000000

People wasted by others
0x003B4598 0x00002710

Bullets fires
0x003B45A4 0x000003E8

Bullets that hit
0x003B45B0 0x00002710

Gangmembers wasted
0x00674840 0x000186A0

Kgs of explosives used
0x003B45AC 0x000186A0

Longest wheelie time (secs)
0x003B4498 0x000186A0

Longest stoppie time (secs)
0x003B44A0 0x00002710

Mission attempts
0x003B40FC 0x000186A0

Pay 'n' Spray visits
0x003B45C0 0x00002710

Clothes Changed
0x003B410C 0x000186A0

Score Phil´s ShootingRange
0x0176DA58 0x00013880

0x0176B468 0x00000064

No Heat (Tnt whiskey)
0x0176DA48 0x00000000

(for CW Cheat, havent tested others)
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